Heat Pump Maintenance in Allentown, PA

A properly maintained heat pump helps keep you comfortable inside your home, but consistent usage throughout the year makes your heat pump vulnerable to normal wear and tear. If you’re unsure of what to do, or where to turn, contact the experts who have over 45 years of quality heat pump maintenance experience. Look no further than Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric!

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Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Regular, preventative maintenance for your home’s heat pump will ensure that it enjoys a long and efficient service life, while also saving you money on your monthly utility bill. Your heat pump also plays a role in the air quality in your home, maintaining safe and healthy airflow all year round. While heat pump maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense, it will actually save you significant money in the long run by alerting you to any small problems before they escalate into the need for larger, costly repairs.

Why Trust a Professional for Heat Pump Maintenance?

There’s a lot to consider when you’re coming to terms with needing to call in an expert for your air conditioning unit’s maintenance. It’s normal to want to take responsibility for your home and do all the repairs yourself; however, you run the risk of creating more problems than were there in the first place, costing you more time and money in the long run. For instance, improper maintenance or repairs can lead to electrical shock, causing harm and injury to yourself and/or others. You already have enough to worry about without adding unnecessary stress trying to do the troubleshooting. You can also void your system’s current warranty.

It’s absolutely vital that your heat pump receives proper maintenance. Don’t risk it! Let us take the worry and stress out of your daily routine. We take pride in caring for your heat pump, so it takes care of you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pump Maintenance

When is the best time to schedule heat pump maintenance?

It’s best to schedule visits during the spring and fall seasons.

How long will my heat pump last?

With proper maintenance, most models have a life span of 10-15 years.

How will I know if my heat pump isn’t running efficiently and may need maintenance?

By the sounds it makes. A poorly maintained system is noisy, and you may notice it’s not as cool in your home as it used to be. A well-maintained system runs more quietly.

Do you have any special offers or discounts for heat pump maintenance?

We offer 0% APR for 60 months and have financing options available. Plus, we’re always offering special offers and coupons listed right on our website. You can also sign up for our Preferred Client Plans, which make you eligible for emergency services 365 days a year.