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Surge Protection for Summer Storms

Posted on: April 13,2018

As we steadily scoot into a late spring you’ll notice storms and heavy rains are on the rise. And if the history of Allentown area climate is any indicator, it’s only going to get heavier. Most homes are equipped to…

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How to Find an AC Contractor in Pennsylvania

Posted on: March 16,2018

So your HVAC system is on the fritz, or you’re looking for someone who can handle a new system installation. That means you’re going to need a local HVAC contractor! But a quick check in the yellowpages or a swift…

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What to Do Before Turning Off Your Furnace This Winter

Posted on: February 19,2018

Finally shedding the winter chill is a blessing all of us can really appreciate. This was a long and harsh winter, so seeing the ice start to melt away and the temperature starting to rise means pleasant days and lower…

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Why Is My Water Heater Making Noise?

Posted on: January 29,2018

Hot water heaters are one of those appliances that you’re always relying upon but you never really think about much. That is, until something goes wrong. For many of us, that “something wrong” manifests as unusual hot water heater noises.…

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How to Safely Use a Generator

Posted on: January 16,2018

For Pennsylvania homeowners, a portable or standby generator can offer an invaluable way to keep your home and family safe. Storms and outages are not at all uncommon around here, making a generator the ideal way to keep lights on,…

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