Heat Pump Maintenance Musts

A heat pump is the perfect heating and cooling solution for your home in Allentown, PA. Our climate is directly within their optimal operation range, making them the king of our area in quality, comfort, and cost-effectiveness! But if you plan on getting the most out of your heat pump installation, there are some maintenance musts you need to observe!

Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric has been providing industry-leading quality and service for years. When it comes to bringing you the best heat pump services, we pledge to always provide!

The “Must-Dos” of Heat Pump Care

When we say really stuffy things like “must do,” you might balk a bit, thinking we’re about to unload some ridiculous regimen that will eat up your time and wallet. We’re glad to say this is not the case! These tasks are quick, easy, and pay you back with a superior comfort control solution that will make both you and your bank account rejoice.

  • Keep a clean system – Dirt, dust, and debris may seem harmless, but they actually pose a huge risk to heating systems—heat pumps included. When junk builds up in your Allentown home’s heat pump, it will begin to lose energy-efficiency because the weak air flow increases the workload on your system, directly impacting energy-efficiency. This buildup also can generate a huge risk for breakdowns. In fact, many of our repair services are due to a plain old dirty heat pump. Be sure to change your air filter monthly, and give your heat pump a thorough cleaning between seasons.
  • Get professional maintenance – We will  never be able to stress this point enough. Professional heat pump maintenance and heat pump tune ups will ensure you get the quality of comfort you’re looking for, while keeping your energy costs to a minimum. When it comes to heat pump care, there’s just nothing more critical, period!
  • Find a dependable service provider – One of the biggest traps heat pump homeowners encounter is needing emergency heat pump repair and not knowing where to turn. When you’re in a hurry to restore comfort, you’ll grab the first professional you find, and you might be missing out! The HVAC industry is really competitive, and to get the best service and deals you can find, you’ve gotta shop around a bit. We would highly encourage finding a trustworthy professional and setting up a heat pump maintenance agreement. This way, you can be sure you’ve got someone to turn to in a pinch.

Quality Solutions and Heat Pump Care with Jack Lehr

No matter the service you need, from routine maintenance, to a heat pump replacement, our HVAC technicians can provide. We carry the tools, experience, and skill needed to make sure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded, and when you work with Jack Lehr, you know you’re getting the best in Allentown, PA. Contact us today to learn more, or to set an appointment!

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