What to Do When Your AC is Frozen

If your air conditioner is not cooling your house sufficiently or it has stopped blowing cold air all together it may be frozen. It may seem like hot air coming out of the vents and ice on your system contradict each other, but that’s not true! Keep reading to find out the causes and remedies to a frozen air conditioner!

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Signs of a Frozen AC

The following signs can indicate that you have a frozen air conditioner:

  • Your air conditioner stops working, after turning it off for a while, it starts working again.
  • You can see ice on your air conditioning systems coils.
  • Your AC runs continually yet is not cooling the house.
  • You can feel warm air coming from your vents.

These are all signs that your air conditioning system has frozen up. If you do notice ice on your system do not try and remove it; this could lead to further damage. It is best to turn your system off and let the ice melt.

Causes of a Frozen Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner has frozen up once or it continues to freeze up on a regular basis, you may wonder what is causing the issue. Here are some things to check and consider when it comes to your frozen AC:

  • Dirty air filters can impede the air flow to the evaporator coil causing your system to freeze up.
  • If your return air ducts are too small or they are clogged with hair, dust and debris this can also impede air flow.
  • Blocked air ducts or blocked or closed registers may cause your system to freeze up.
  • An AC fan that is not working correctly will also cause the coil to not get enough air flow, freezing up your system.
  • Running your system when the temperature is too cold outside is never good for your system and may cause a frozen AC.

There may also be other culprits, these may include a refrigerant leak, dirty coils, blocked drain pipe and a thermostat setting that is too low.

If you do experience a frozen AC, the best thing to do is to switch your system off straight away. You will need to leave it off till it has thawed. This may take several hours. You can turn on the fan on your system to help speed up the thawing process. Once your system has thawed you will want to call a professional to make sure that the issue causing your air conditioner to freeze is not a serious problem.

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If you have signs of a frozen AC system and you are not sure where the problem is coming from, it is best to call a cooling and heating professional. Jack Lehr has been in the cooling & electric business for over 50 years. We have a strong reputation amongst both home and business owners in Allentown, PA.  All of our technicians are certified and offer 100% satisfaction on all of our services. If you need help with your frozen AC, contact our team of professionals today!

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