The Best Air Conditioners for Allergies

Allentown residents are perfectly aware that a strong cooling system and comprehensive service are keys to comfort when summer’s in swing. But were you aware that air quality also plays a huge role during the warmer months? In our area we deal with loads of pollen, dust, and mold spore in the air. Wondering what systems boast the best indoor air quality capability? Our experts can clue you in!

Which Cooling Systems Provide the Best Allergy Relief?

We’ll warn you, this is going to sound a bit like a copout, but bear with us! Trouble is (though it’s technically good news), most modern day cooling systems boast some fairly good air quality features. This is in part an effort to improve overall service and function, and in part to preserve the effectiveness of your cooling system.

Any system installed within the past ten years or so (though the past five have made much larger advancements in indoor air quality) is going to have some solid allergy relief perks. Unless you’re still using window units, which put in a token effort at best. What truly has a greater impact on indoor air quality are other factors of your system.

Like What?

Whether you have a heat pump, ductless, or even a central AC installation, your system naturally filters out many forms of dust and pollen. If you’re looking to beef up your symptom relief, you should take steps by paying attention to your filters.

  • Replace your filter frequently. Every one to three months; one month being the best option. Your system will handle a fair bit of debris, but the majority of it ends up in your filters. If the filter is dirty, the junk will instead just start blowing around your home. Replace your filters to maximize comfort!
  • Upgrade your filters. Odds are, you use a standard fiberglass filters. Most homes do! But by swapping out that fiber filter for a polyester/pleated filter you can net much better air quality. They also tend to last longer, and improve overall system efficiency. Just don’t try to jam a HEPA filter in there; those are for industrial use and will actually bust your system in a hurry.

Maximizing Comfort and Symptom Relief with Air Filtration

If you’re one of the many Allentown residents with a serious allergy problem, odds are you might need a little more “oomph” from your air filtration than any AC system can provide. To get cleaner, better air for your home, nothing works better than an air filtration system! Many of these are cost-effective, install easily and quickly, and can reduce air contaminants by many times more than an air conditioner!

Air Quality Solutions in PA with Jack Lehr

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