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Will Your AC Make It Through the Summer?

When your AC decides to start giving you trouble in the midst of some serious summer heat, you can pretty much immediately be overwhelmed with stress. It has been Hot this year, and you need a strong system just to get you through the day. But when your small problems start turning into consistent ones, you find yourself facing the unpleasant reality of AC replacement.

Many of are thinking “just a little longer!”. Or maybe you’re thinking repair services might get you through until the next year. And you might be right. But, if you’re not, you could be costing yourself a lot of unnecessary time and money.

Can My AC Hold Out?

We can’t blame you for wanting to hold out for a bit. Dealing without air conditioning for even a single day can be a nightmare this year. And then there’s the overall cost to consider. Wondering if you can hang in there for just one more month? It depends on a few big things.

  1. The type of problems you’re having. Some issues take a simple repair and that’s that. And we’re happy to provide. But problems like refrigerant leaks, major component failure, massive losses in efficiency, and frequent hot spots in the home pretty much always require AC replacement or a new installation.
  2. How frequently your problems are happening. This one’s a little malleable. Problems like, say, an air flow issue might happen a few times in a single season, as the problem has a bunch of different causes. But if you’re having efficiency trouble all year, you’re costing yourself a lot of unnecessary money, both in cooling costs and in the cost of frequent repair.
  3. Special considerations. Something like a refrigerant leak pretty much almost always requires replacement. Then there’s the cost factor to consider, like what’s encountered with major component failure. Can you replace a compressor? Yeah, a lot of the time. But the cost is huge, and often a replacement just makes a lot more sense.

Should You Ever Try To Wait it Out?

Sometimes, sure. If the issue just started to come up, it makes sense to give it some time before you commit to AC replacement. But if you’re just trying to stick it out for a month or two, we’d really just recommend replacing. You’re still going to need a new system next season, so it makes sense to be ready for it right away.

The best way to find your answer is, of course, to talk to an expert. If you’re worried about the situation, be candid about it. Let us know if you’re not looking to replace, and why. But, expect the same honesty from our experts! When we provide services to you, it is our primary goal to provide trustworthy information and solutions!

AC Replacement in the Greater Lehigh Valley

Not sure if it’s time to replace or repair? Contact our team today! We can help you come to the decision that suits you best, guaranteed.

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