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Why Is My Heat Pump Covered in Ice/Frost?

Heat pump systems are popular among Allentown, PA homeowners because they’re strong and reliable. They also offer energy-efficiency ratings that far exceed that of many other systems, especially if they’re routinely serviced and covered under a maintenance agreement. But, great as they may be, heat pumps are still subject to many of the same pitfalls and problems of other popular HVAC systems—including the formation of ice and frost.

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Common Causes of Frost or Ice on Heat Pumps

Many things can cause frost or ice to form on a heat pump system. While you can address some of these on your own, others will require you to schedule a heat pump service with a professional. Here are some reasons why your heat pump is covered in ice or frost:

  • Restrictions in air flow. Restrictions in air flow can be caused by a wide range of mechanical issues, from a damaged fan motor to faulty expansion valves.
  • Damaged fan belt. When a fan belt becomes loose or worn, it has trouble keeping up with your heat pump’s needs and can cause things to slow to a pace that allows ice to form in the unit.
  • A dirty or old air filter. Technically, this falls under a restricted air flow issue since that’s what a dirty filter will cause. However, this is one you can handle on your own, assuming it’s the actual cause. A simple air filter replacement should set things in order.
  • Thermostat settings are too low. Attempting to run the air conditioner at 68 degrees when it’s already the same temperature—or lower—outdoors can cause disparity in your system. That can lead to a lack of air pressure, causing frost to form on your heat pump.

It’s important to keep in mind that these common causes of frost or ice on your heat pump occur only during air conditioning season because when the outdoor temperatures are below 40, the defrost control system should clear any frost that develops on the outdoor coil. Ice develops when the outdoor fan fails or the defrost control system malfunctions. However, you can put the thermostat in emergency heat mode to prevent further damage while waiting for a heat pump professional to arrive at your home.

This means you need to schedule a heat pump service with a professional HVAC company like Jack Lehr!

How to Remove Ice/Frost from My Heat Pump

Heat pumps are equipped with a defrost routine that circulates heated refrigerant throughout the system. For most issues, the unit will take care of itself. However, if it fails to remove the ice, or if the ice is encasing the heat pump system, you’re going to have to take action.

In this situation, you can simply remove the ice with a stiff broom or some light tools (being very careful to not contact any metal). However, even once you’ve done this, you’re going to need to schedule a heat pump repair service.

Heat Pump Services in Allentown, PA

When it comes to the weather in Allentown and the Greater Lehigh Valley area, our team knows that the summers get hot and the winters get frigid. You need your heat pump to be in top shape at all times, since any interruption can greatly impact home comfort. That’s why our team offers full heat pump repair and replacement services to our customers.

Many common heat pump problems can be avoided altogether by ensuring your system gets the professional care and maintenance checks it needs. You can do this by joining a Preferred Client Plan by signing up for a service agreement—in addition to some unique perks!

Need to schedule a heat pump service in the Allentown, PA area? Give us a call today at 610-596-9967 to learn more about why your heat pump is covered in ice or frost!

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