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Pros & Cons of Installing a Whole House Humidifier in Allentown, PA

If you suffer from dry sinus passages, headaches, and dry, scaly skin during the winter months, you may be considering having a whole house humidifier installed. You may have already invested in small, portable humidifiers for your home, but these systems can only add moisture to a certain area. If you have an open floor plan or want increased moisture levels throughout your entire Allentown home, a whole house humidifier may be a better solution.

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The Benefits of Installing a Whole House Humidifier in Allentown

As a homeowner, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your home. An easy solution is to install a whole house humidifier in the Allentown area! There are many benefits of humidifier installation, including:

  • They provide consistent and optimal moisture levels – Whole house humidifiers work with your HVAC system to ensure that every room of your home has the optimal moisture levels for your family’s home comfort.
  • Humidity levels are easier to control – Dry air can be a major issue, but too much moisture also raises concerns in your home. A whole house humidifier can deliver the right amount of moisture to every room without you having to worry about dry air or excessive moisture in the home.
  • There will be no water or moisture damage – Sometimes trying to get moisture into your air can be tricky—you may place a humidifier in a room, crank it up, and forget about it. This can be risky, as the excess moisture can cause damage to your walls and furnishings. There is even potential concern over mold growth from portable humidifiers.
  • There is no need for refills – Linked directly to your plumbing, the system does not need to be refilled as water is used to add moisture to your air.  You can have the humidifier installed knowing your humidity levels will take care of themselves.
  • They are quiet and invisible – A whole house system is hidden away so that nobody even knows it’s there. They are also very quiet, unlike their portable humidifier counterparts.
  • They can add value to your home – You can add value to your Allentown home when you install a whole house humidifier. When it comes time to sell, buyers look for upgrades like this in homes they are considering.

Ready to reap the benefits of a whole house humidifier? Jack Lehr’s team is more than ready to walk you through the process, helping you decide on the best humidifier for your Allentown area home. Contact us to learn more!

The Cons of Installing a Whole House Humidifier

  • Installation – A downside to a whole house humidifier is that it is more expensive to install than a small personal humidifier. You will likely need an expert to install a whole house humidifier correctly. That said, the cost can be made up with resale value and even by non-quantifiable returns, like increased home comfort.
  • Maintenance – Whole house humidifiers will also need regular cleaning as mineral deposits and other nasty particles that may build up in your system if it is not cared for correctly.
  • Cost – Whole house humidifiers can be expensive at the start. However, if you think about how many of those small portable units you may have to buy in your lifetime (and the hassle to refill them daily), you will probably realize the cost will be well worth it in the end.

Should You Install a Whole House Humidifier in Allentown?

There are many things to take into consideration when you are considering installing a whole house humidifier, however in general the advantages far outweigh the installation and maintenance aspects. We sell and install only the highest quality humidifiers and indoor air quality accessories and products that offer longer warranties—and we honor those warranties should anything go wrong! If you have questions in regards to installing a whole house humidifier in your Allentown area home, contact the experts at Jack Lehr today.

Humidifier Installation in Allentown, PA

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