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When to Install a New Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner may have been sputtering all last summer and you just dealt with it. Or it started failing mid-September, but you brushed it off because hey- the season’s almost over. If you’re on the fence about whether you need a new air conditioner before this year’s summer weather hits, read through this post. We’ll tell you how you can determine if it is indeed time to install a new air conditioner in your Allentown, PA home.

At Jack Lehr, our experts are all about finding the best solutions for you, our consumer. So when is the point where replacing is a better choice than repair? The answers are actually pretty easy, and they may surprise you!

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When Is It Time to Seek a New AC Installation?

Usually the response to a poorly performing AC system in Allentown is to call in for professional repair. But sometimes, a fresh installation is just the right answer:

  • When you’re dissatisfied with the efficiency of your current system. Over time, HVAC systems begin to dramatically drop in efficiency. This is most common around the five-year mark (sooner if your system is prone to repair, or gets massive amounts of use), as components begin to wear out. Additionally, HVAC technology moves fast. A system that is ten years old is leagues less efficient than modern appliances. This means you could be paying ten, twenty, or even thirty percent more for the comfort you need!
  • When your current system is excessively prone to repair. Repair is inevitable, sure, but if you need air conditioner repair once a year or more, a fresh installation is simply a better option. A new, properly maintained system shouldn’t need repairs at all, meaning you’re paying out of pocket to basically tread water.
  • When you encounter a refrigerant leak.  If applicable, a refrigerant leak can essentially condemn your system to fail. Rather than trying to stay ahead of mounting repair costs, a replacement is likely the better call.
  • When your system is simply too old. For pretty much all of the reasons listed above, a system that has passed the ten to fifteen year mark should definitely be replaced. At this point, your system is likely operating at nearly half efficiency, and is more and more prone to highly expensive repair.

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So for a clear answer, the best time to seek AC installation is any time you’re dissatisfied with the performance of your current system. Don’t believe us?  Settle in and do the math! The cost of frequent repair, inefficient cooling and major component repair will outweigh the cost of a replacement very quickly!

Interested in learning more about AC installation for your Allentown home? Contact the experts at Jack Lehr today! We can assist you in finding the perfect cooling and comfort solution for your home!

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