What Is a Light Lift?

It has come to our attention recently that light lifts might not be quite as well known as we would expect. That simply will not do! At Jack Lehr, we take pride in providing top quality, effective solutions to our consumers. That goes for all of our services, and a light lift is no exception. 

At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, your needs are always our top priority. Light lifts provide an excellent solution to common hanging light fixture issues, as well as added versatility. So what is a light lift, what does it do for you, and how can you get one? We’re glad you asked!

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What Exactly Is a Light Lift?

Also called motorized hoists, light lifts are installed as a way to more easily access and adjust your light fixtures (most commonly chandeliers). They are essentially a winch system that uses electrical power to allow you to bring your fixture down or up as needed. This winch system is usually operated by a switch or button, and utilizes a simple chain or cord attached directly to the top of your light fixture.

Is a Light Lift Unattractive?

You might be thinking about huge, unsightly dangling chains all over your fixture. This is not the case at all! Light lifts are functionally invisible, the winch network often hidden in the ceiling and walls. The operation system can be installed anywhere, whether it be along a wall, or even in an adjacent room or closet. The choice is yours (within building parameters), making it possible to hide or not hide as you deem appropriate.

How Does A Light Lift Help Me?

Chandeliers and similar larger light fixtures are absolutely gorgeous. They provide you with an excellent light source that fits your specific tastes, and a great way to illuminate your home in style. But they come with one fairly large caveat. Have you ever tried to clean your chandelier, or change a bulb?

The act can be dangerous all its own, what with ladders or other height assistance tools. And the task is cumbersome as well. But with a light lift, you have none of the hassle or frustration of dealing with general fixture maintenance. At the touch of a button, you have your light come to you, making the job simpler, safer, and much less time consuming.

Light Lift Installation in Allentown with Jack Lehr

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