How Does a UV Air Purifier Work?

Indoor air quality solutions, services, and products have become big business in recent years. With more modern studies being done, we can really tell what’s lurking around in the air in our homes, and the results have been showing some pretty hefty stuff. So, naturally, many homeowners have been relying on air filters and purifiers to clean up and clean out.

Out of all of the new tech out there for IAQ, UV light air purifiers are among the newest. And you might be pleased to know that they can provide some substantial benefits.

What Are UV Light Air Purifiers?

These purifiers, rather than a filter that catches dust motes and pollen, target microbes (more specifically pathogens). The light is set to emit UV radiation, similar to that given off by the sun, which carries natural purification properties. UV light purifiers eradicate mold spore, bacteria, and funky smells in the air by essentially sterilizing the air.

UV systems are typically installed in the ventilation of your home, near the HVAC system itself, in order to clean the air as it passes through.

Are There Different Types of UV Lamps?

When you choose to use a UV lamp for HVAC applications, it’s likely you will have a “stick” lamp installed perpendicularly to the airstream. An industry standard test used to determine the results of the stick UV lamps checks to see if a microbe is killed by short exposure to low intensity UV. The stick UV product manufacturers use these results to boast high effectiveness on microbes in the airstream even though most microbes are much more resistant. These stick products are the least expensive version of UV light.

There are a few stick UV products that include a catalyst that helps produce ozone in the airstream. The ozone is effective in breaking down vapors (odors) and killing microbes, but the products lack a system to ensure ozone is not released to the house. In fact, the most popular version of these products touts the ozone odor and the ability to kill microbes on the surfaces in the building! Unfortunately devices to measure ozone concentrations are very expensive so there is no warning of an unhealthy levels in your home.

But at Jack Lehr, we use has a high intensity UV lamp that kills microbes and breaks down vapors. As the air flows further through the unit, there is a section of low level UV that breaks down any ozone created in the high intensity portion. It provides very effective treatment of air circulating through the system without the risk of elevated ozone in the home.

Do They Work Better Than Air Filtration Systems?

The answer to that isn’t as easy as it might initially seem, and rests kind of on a “yes and no”. It’s more accurate to say that UV air purifiers remedy different problems, and provide different benefits. The advantage is that you don’t need to change a filter, and without a filter you aren’t trapping a bunch of mess that just sits in your IAQ system.

However, if your aim is to remove dust specifically, the filter will probably do a better job. UV light air purifiers are sought after for homeowners that suffer from frequent illness, or homes that have common mold and or odor problems, since a UV light system can eradicate 80% or more of these from the air.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions from Jack Lehr

When it comes to air quality systems, it’s all going to come down to what you’re looking to fix! That’s why working with certified IAQ professionals, like our team here at Jack Lehr, is a good idea. Our team can install the UV tube, which has a three year part warranty instead of the one year warranty provided by most of the industry. But it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no UV light on the market that will eliminate every contaminant, which is why we recommend the combination of a high-efficiency filter or air cleaner with this special UV product to provide the clean air you and your family crave. Why do we boast about this product? We’ve used it ourselves! We wouldn’t recommend something to you if we didn’t know how well it worked. When you need odor removal in your home or business, you can trust that we will find the best solution to suit your unique needs.

Looking to learn more, or want to know what kind of UV air filtration system your Allentown, Pennsylvania would benefit from best? Contact us online today!

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