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The Top 5 AC Repair Questions We Get

Do you need air conditioning repair? If so, the experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric aren’t surprised! Late spring and early summer are our busiest times as far as repair is concerned, and we’re more than happy to provide the service you need! Our teams are equipped and trained to offer complete repair services, and we can guarantee your repair needs will be met both quickly and effectively.

But we’re not blind, and we don’t expect you to be either! With any kind of contracted work, you’ll have questions. We get them all the time, and in fact, we encourage them. An informed consumer is a smart one, and we are always happy to provide any answers that we can. In fact, we thought it might be a good idea to supply some answers for our most commonly asked questions today.

Our Five Biggest Air Conditioning Repair Questions!

Whether we’re about to start a job, or are already in the process, we encounter these questions pretty often:

  • What’s wrong with my system? Almost always the first question asked, and the answer is a variable one. If your pre-service call and want to try and suss out the potential issue, we would encourage you to check our repair page. There you’ll find many of the common causes for ac repair. If we’re on the job and have completed our diagnosis, we can give you a more comprehensive answer.
  • How long will my repair take? Another very common one, and one that is completely understandable. It’s hot, and you need relief! It’s our primary goal to bring you just that, and we work hard to get you the service you need as fast as possible. Many repairs can be completed within an hour or two of our arrival, but if the problem includes major component failure, it may take a fair portion of the day to complete adequately.
  • Does air conditioner maintenance actually save money? Many consumers are skeptical of “save money now!” ploys. And rightly you should be. But maintenance is absolutely, without a doubt important to your energy-efficiency. Most repair calls would never even happen with routine maintenance, which saves you on repair costs right away. And energy-efficiency can be improved by ten, twenty, even fifty percent depending on your system and situation.  
  • Why is my air conditioner freezing? Technically this goes in line with the first question we listed, but many homeowners find the problem to be bizarre. Actually a freezing system is pretty common for those with a refrigerant leak, or for systems that suffer from constricted air flow. A freezing system might seem catastrophic, but we can handle it no trouble!
  • Is “x behavior” normal for my system? If you notice any changes in behavior from your system, whether it be a poor overall performance or spiked energy costs, the answer will be “no”. When anything changes about your system, it’s probably a sign that you need repair. And if you’re asking this question because you’ve contacted our experts more than once this year, you might want to look into an air conditioner replacement!

Air Conditioning Repair with Jack Lehr

When you need air conditioning repair in Allentown, you can count on our team to bring you the service you need. Remember that questions are important, and no question is too silly or too small. Understanding your system is crucial to a long and happy HVAC system life! Have some questions, or looking for repair? Contact us today!

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