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Looking for the Best New Technology for HVAC Systems?

In the world of HVAC technology, innovation and progress are the name of the game. Each year, manufacturers are making major strides in providing the most effective, energy-efficient, and comfortable heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial use. This is a huge boon to consumers! More technology, more comfort, better prices; what’s not to love?

At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, our primary focus is always on providing you with the best. Not to mention, we love new technology! Today let’s have a chat about some of our favorite new technology for HVAC systems. You’re sure to find something new and exciting!

Our Favorite Heating and Air Conditioning Technologies

There are tons of new HVAC programs and accessories being created all the time. Phone apps, appliances, integrated systems; the list could go on for ages. But these are our favorites (for now)!

Energy-Analysis Software

How about some software that has one, singular focus: analyzing your home and recommending the singular air conditioning system that will save you the most on energy consumption and maximize performance? This software is simply indispensable for optimal heating and cooling replacement.

Air Handlers

Air quality is a pretty big deal in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our homes can get choked by dust, and those with allergies suffer through all seasons with our high pollen counts. Air handlers address your need for cleaner air perfectly, integrating a unique air filtration system that can provide cleaner air, cleaner homes, and fewer risks of mold!

Wi-fi Thermostat Systems

These systems are hands down one of the coolest things the industry has come up with. In our technological age, it was only a matter of time before someone thought up the ability to program and control heating systems with phone apps and PCs. But the benefits are larger than we expected. With temperature controls you can schedule, complete home energy use diagnostics, timers, and air quality monitors, wi-fi tech is huge, and can save you a ton on your utility bills through increased energy efficiency.

Humidity Control Systems

Okay, so these aren’t exactly new. But them being this useful is! Old-school humidifiers made homes into saunas, and dehumidifiers turned your home into the Sahara. But modern systems have been outright perfected. The ideal human humidity level is roughly between 30 – 50%, the number varying slightly according to personal taste and local climate. Modern humidity control systems can keep you exactly in that range, down to a specific percent. And the benefits are pretty huge, including health benefits, benefits for HVAC efficiency, and even a cleaner home!

Improving Efficiency and Comfort with New HVAC Accessories

These programs, technological improvements, and HVAC accessories are all geared toward one major goal: better heating and cooling for your home or business. And at the forefront stands energy-efficiency right where our pockets want it! Convenience, quality heating and cooling, reduced operation costs, healthier homes: all of these are great reasons to consider some fancy new HVAC tech for your Allentown home or business!

HVAC Systems and Accessories in Allentown, PA

Need a trusted and experienced HVAC technician for HVAC system or accessory installation? Contact the certified specialists at Jack Lehr! We’ve been providing flawless service and skill to our patrons for years, and your needs are always our top priority.

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