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Your Spring HVAC Checklist for Allentown Homeowners

With the weather we’ve been experiencing lately, the odds are pretty solid that you’ve kicked on the air conditioner once or twice already. But before the season starts digging in for real, the experts at Jack Lehr heating, Cooling, and Electric would like to ask: have you done your spring HVAC check yet? If no, or if you’re not sure what we’re talking about, stick around! You just might save yourself some stress and money.

Spring is here, and summer is well on its way. Set a date for your professional service today!

Your Basic Spring HVAC Checklist in Allentown

The late spring and summer seasons require a lot of commitment from your air conditioner or heat pump. And while they’re pretty good at keeping up, there are some ways for you to improve how well it will perform throughout the season.

If you’re looking to improve comfort and efficiency this year, complete these tasks:

  1. Replace or clean your air filter. The air filter is responsible for keeping your HVAC system free and clear of clogs. A clean filter means higher efficiency and much more cooling power, so go ahead and replace the old one. While you’re at it, you might consider upgrading to a pleated filter, too—they last longer, and do a better job.
  2. Clean up your outdoor unit. Grab some cleaning tools and clean the fins that surround your outdoor unit. If the fins are dirty or clogged, they restrict healthy air flow and reduce proper heat transfer, which can kill efficiency and even kill the system itself!
  3. Open up your home’s vents. If you’ve closed any of the vents in your home during the winter, be sure to open them back up. Your cooling system needs them all open in order to work right.
  4. Check the thermostat. Are your settings all correct, and is the temp set to your ideal comfort range? If so, good to go. If not, then get it sorted so it doesn’t slip your mind at a later date!
  5. Do a test run. Run your air conditioner for a good hour or so. This gives it an opportunity to “warm up”, and allows you to check to see everything is working as it should. Is it cooling well enough? Are there any odd sounds, or strange odors? Good questions to get answered now rather than when the heat really hits so you can get professional repair.
  6. Schedule professional maintenance. If you haven’t yet, be sure to set a date with your chosen HVAC specialists for your annual maintenance service. Professional service is the best way to maximize your cooling system’s performance and efficiency, and gives your experts a chance to catch any potential issues early on, when they’re easy to fix.

Professional Air Conditioning Services in Allentown, PA

Did you find an issue while performing your spring HVAC checklist, or do you need to set a time and date for your professional tune-up service? Contact Jack Lehr online today to get the ball rolling with our certified air conditioning experts!

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