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Five Ways to Spot an HVAC Scam

Looking for a cheaper or faster option for an air conditioner installation or furnace repair is very tempting when you’re feeling frustrated and inconvenienced. We completely understand that feeling, but we would strongly encourage you to do a little research before taking the easy way out, especially if the opportunity to do so literally comes knocking on your door without warning. An HVAC scam can seem very convincing and authentic at first glance, but take the time to ask some questions and you might find that the “easy way” is actually going to cost you a lot more in the end.

If you’re having trouble with your home heating and cooling system in the Greater Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, call the professionals at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric at 610-596-9967 to get the job done in a credible and trustworthy way!   

Signs of an HVAC Scam

While you might think it an easy task to differentiate between a credible heating and cooling company and a fraudulent one, don’t give yourself too much credit. It’s important to question what’s happening before you’ve spent a lot of money on a new piece of HVAC equipment without even stopping to think that you didn’t even notice any problems with your existing AC unit or furnace. Some telltale signs that you’re being scammed include:

  1. They are trying to rush you. Is the technician demanding an immediate decision? A trustworthy heating and cooling company, like Jack Lehr, won’t do this. While our NATE-certified technicians might try to offer you another service while we’re already at your Pennsylvania home to prevent another trip, and possibly another bill, we do not force products or pieces of equipment onto you.
  2. They are trying to incorporate used parts. This is another indicator that they are trying to quickly get in and out of your house without a thoughtful solution to your problem. Used parts are a surefire sign of a scam because they:
    1. Reduce the energy efficiency of your unit
    2. Create and increase strain on other parts
    3. Aren’t guaranteed to last as long
  3. They are trying to sell you the biggest and most expensive product. When it comes to a new air conditioner or heat pump, the size, make, and model will all depend on your home and how many people live there, in addition to several other factors. If they are trying to push the priciest product on you, ask them why they are recommending this. Did they complete an assessment of your home? What calculations did they perform? Are there measurements they can show you to better explain? Ask some questions before signing on the dotted line.
  4. They tell you to wait a few days to see improvements. While humidity changes can take a few days to take effect since indoor temperatures might not change until late evening after a repair service on a hot day, and they won’t reach their set point until the next morning, most other AC repair or maintenance services will produce immediate results that you’ll easily be able to notice. If you ask the technician to demonstrate that your previously broken AC unit is now working and they tell you it will take several days for the changes to take effect, an alarm should start going off in your brain. Also, if they claim to have replaced a part, ask them to show you the part they replaced and where it was on your unit.
  5. They appear to be unaffiliated and arrive unannounced. No credible HVAC company is going to show up on your doorstep for an unscheduled inspection or service. Whether it’s a repair, replacement, maintenance, or installation visit, you should be aware that a technician is coming to your home and you should also know why. If the company isn’t wearing branded shirts or they are driving unmarked vehicles, this is another sign of an HVAC scam.

You should also ask for written estimates instead of relying on a verbal transaction as a voucher of trust. This will help you to argue any discrepancies and it can help you to better understand the breakdown of expenses. Additionally, you can also ask for proof of licensure or insurance and any other certifications or affiliations they claim to have.

Don’t be fooled—just go straight to the professionals at Jack Lehr for all of your home HVAC needs in Allentown, PA! Call us today at 610-596-9967 to schedule a service!

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