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What Is Smart Lighting?

Are you familiar at all with “smart lighting” and other smart home gadgets and comforts? If not, you might want to beef up on your tech knowledge! Smart lighting has becomes a highly established, and widely used tool in many homes and businesses, and with the success it has seen, it’s here to stay!

At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, we’re always looking for new ways to supply our patrons with the latest and best technology. When you need lighting installation in Allentown, we want you to have the widest selection, and the highest-quality lighting solutions for your home!

Looking for superior lighting installation in Allentown? Contact the certified electricians at Jack Lehr today to set your appointment!

Smart Lighting Is Here To Stay

Smart lighting utilizes highly efficient fixtures and applications to provide light for your home. The systems are aimed at being programmable, automated, or WiFi into some form of hub (phones, computers, or a control panel most commonly). These lighting solutions are aimed at providing superior energy efficiency and home comfort, though there are certainly aesthetical applications as well.

Smart lighting is available for all aspects of the home and uses, including task lighting, accent and aesthetical lighting, and even for general home use.

How Widespread Is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting got off to a slow start (much like LED bulbs and light sources), but has very rapidly grown as an industry over the past ten years or so. More and more homes and businesses are turning to smart lighting for a variety of reasons.

Businesses benefit through reduced energy usage, saving considerably on lighting and utility costs. They also get some perks out of improved function and workman quality of life with many automated systems and easily adjustable options.

And homeowners benefit in much the same way. Smart lighting has been shown many times over that it can potentially save a homeowner in the cost of lighting by a considerable margin. Many homes and businesses report saving multiple times what they did with traditional switch or button lighting options!

Just How Smart Is Smart Lighting?

Essentially, as smart as you want it to be! Many homeowners choose to install simple systems, like programmable lighting that responds to the time of day or available daylight in a room. Others may opt for lighting systems that track your movement throughout the house, turning lights on and off as it becomes necessary and according to where you are at the moment. So the question becomes more of a “just how smart do you want it to go?”

Superior Solutions and Lighting Installation in Allentown

When you need lighting services that can meet your needs and exceed your expectations, look to the experts at Jack Lehr! We can bring you the smart lighting solutions you need, and our service is second to none. Ready to learn more about smart light for your Greater Lehigh Valley home? Contact us today!

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