Little Air Conditioning Problems that can Turn into Disasters

Too often we come to check a home’s unit only to find the owner telling us it has been “making odd sounds for months.” We get in, check the unit, and what was once a quick-fix now requires a full replacement.

We don’t want this to happen to you! Consistent AC repair is integral to a long and happy life with your existing unit. To this end it is important that you make sure the small stuff gets handled before it becomes huge stuff.


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Pay Attention to these 10 Issues

The ten most common “small problems” you may encounter include:

  • Whining. A light whistle or whine is often ignored, but it may be a sign that a seal has become damaged. At first this is only an annoying noise, but it can evolve into a big problem really quickly.
  • Banging. A heavy clunk or bang indicates a loose component somewhere in the unit. Left alone, you can expect serious damage when the part comes flying off and bangs around in the air conditioner.
  • Screeching. A high-pitched squeal during operation is probably a belt that has become worn or damaged. When it finally snaps, you’re looking at facing that summer heat without air for a few days.
  • Odd smell. When you kick the unit on for the first time of the season, some dust will probably burn off and make a funky smell for an hour or two. If it persists for days, there is a good chance something has become clogged, and you might be looking at some ac repair.
  • Pungent ‘ozone’ smell.This is actually a fairly large problem right off the bat! This smell is often wiring burning or melting in your unit, which is extremely hazardous.
  • Leaking coolant. If you notice the air coming out of your vents is a little warmer than it should be, you might have a coolant leak. Coolant leaks can lead to freezing, and occasionally severe damage.
  • Condensate not draining. The tube or duct that is dedicated to ridding your unit of the humidity it accumulates is integral to a properly operating unit. If you notice a clog, or a lack of adequate expected runoff, contact an expert immediately!
  • Low air flow. Weak air flow out of the vents may indicate sensor issues, or even problems in the ductwork.
  • Spiking bills. You likely have a good idea of what the utility bill should look like. If you note large spikes in costs, it could mean one of many problems with your unit.
  • Improper operation.Leaving windows open, closing or blocking vents or even excessive bothering the thermostat can all create bigger problems for your unit. It is built to work in a very specific way, and messing with this can cause the unit to overwork.

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