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Should You DIY Furnace Repair?

It’s the dead of winter, and the air outside of your Greater Lehigh Valley home is frigid to put it in kind words. Normally, this isn’t an issue, as a good, solid heating system keeps you comfy and warm. But something has gone awry, and your furnace isn’t working properly. So the question now becomes: “What do I do?”

DIY solutions may come to mind. Current media has catered to the “weekend warrior” approach with growing enthusiasm for years, and there are a few how-to checklists regarding DIY furnace repair. But is it a good idea?

It’s very tempting for our experts to simply say absolutely not. But that answer doesn’t really leave you with much of a reason, does it? Allow us a little of your time to explain exactly why DIY furnace repair is kind of a bad move.

Why Is DIY Furnace Repair a Bad Idea?

We wouldn’t necessarily discourage a trained professional, equipped with the right tools and experience from handling their own repairs (well, we might. Technology moves quickly, and if you’re not keeping up with current training and tech, you may do yourself more harm than good). But DIY implies novice experience at best. Which exposes a homeowner to a few very worrying factors: all of them regarding risk.

Health and Safety Risks

Some DIY projects are well suited to learning as you go. Say, building furniture. But when you’re handling a furnace, you’re dealing with a pre-constructed, heavy-duty piece of machinery that requires extremely specific care and repair. Without the right tools and knowledge, you may encounter:

  • Electrical hazards. As with any appliance, electricity usually plays a big role. Without training, a person could be at risk to electrical exposure. In the event of an incident, you may wind up with burns at the least, and serious bodily harm in the worst case scenario.
  • Exposure to chemicals. Many furnaces utilize gas or oil as a fuel source. Neither of these fuels are to be taken lightly, as they pose risks of personal harm including suffocation, exposure and skin damage.
  • Cuts and worse. Sheet metal, which is commonly found within a furnace, borders on razor-sharp. One moment you could be poking around with a flashlight, the next you could be dizzy from blood loss and on your way to the ER. Not a pretty situation!

Property Risk

Personal safety not really a concern of yours? You risk doing damage to more than yourself with improper repair!

  • Irreparable damage. Without an exact understanding of the problem, and all of the available solutions, you stand a serious chance of making things worse. Most issues, if not handled properly, could leave your furnace as useful as scrap metal.
  • Risk of fire. Just as electricity and natural fuels pose a personal risk, they pose a property risk as well. Fire is not out of the question (in fact, it’s very possible), and could leave you in a very sticky situation. Namely, one involving lots and lots of fire.

Professional Furnace Repair with Jack Lehr

We’re aware that this all sounds very admonishing. Understand that our professionals are not trying to discourage DIY solutions altogether. They’re a cool concept, with plenty of upsides. It’s just best to choose something that won’t cost you thousands of dollars (or your personal health!) if something goes awry.

When it comes to furnace repair, it’s best to leave it to the experts. All of that training and certification are there for a reason! If you find yourself caught without heat this winter season, call on the specialists at Jack Lehr today!

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