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Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are a great home comfort solution, but they’re not immune to some trouble as years wear on. Having a bit of trouble with your Allentown home’s heat pump system? The experts at Jack Lehr Heating Cooling & Electric are here to help you decide whether it’s time to call for a heat pump repair or time to go in for a complete heat pump system replacement!

Looking for professional guidance in making your repair or replace decision? Contact our experts online, or call 610-596-9967 to speak to a Pennsylvania heat pump expert today.

When Is It Necessary to Replace Your Heat Pump?

Heat pump repair is more often the preferred option, of course. It tends to be cheaper and faster, which tends to make it a shoo in for your go-to when something goes wrong. However, there are many situations where replacing your heat pump becomes smarter and more cost-effective in the long run.

When is replacement the smarter choice? Our experts recommend complete heat pump replacement and installation when:

  • Your current repair needs are too costly or extensive. Some components are just not worth it when it comes to replacing them. Pitting the high costs of repair against the benefits of a new heat pump, it just makes more sense to replace. Some examples include when your compressor has failed, when the refrigerant in your heat pump is leaking, or when a heat exchanger is cracked. These are all very expensive and very stressful. So just go for a replacement!
  • You need repairs too often. Even a low-cost repair like a mild air flow issue or unresponsive thermostat can become a financial burden when it needs to get fixed four, five times and the problem still isn’t going away. A system that needs repair all the time is on its last legs, so it’s best to replace in a timely manner rather than get buried under unending repair costs.
  • Your system is leaking refrigerant. Low refrigerant puts components in your heat pump under stress, particularly the compressor, but the damage will spread throughout the unit, leading to inefficient performance. Just a 10% loss in refrigerant can mean a 20% increase in electrical costs.
  • Your system is no longer under warranty. Warranties protect your system and keep the stress of breakdowns to a minimum. So what happens when the warranty is no longer valid and you start having trouble with your heat pump? You get rid of the heat pump! Warranties are too valuable to do without. With Jack Lehr’s service agreement, you never have to worry. We offer a double warranty on your heat pump for service agreement customers.
  • The heat pump is 15 years old or older. The above are all good reasons to replace your heat pump, but the most common reason to replace has to be sheer age. Even when you get maintenance on a routine basis your system is going to wear down eventually. For most, that’s around 15-20 years depending on system usage and other factors.

Having an issue outside of what’s mentioned above? Then we would recommend repair! However, you should always be prepared for either, as depending on the issue at hand both replacement and repair may be valid for differing reasons. This is why it is vital you work with HVAC experts you can trust to bring you the service you need, not just any old service.

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Think it may be time to replace your current heat pump? Call on Jack Lehr today! Our heat pump experts can match you with the ideal new system, helping you get more comfort, more efficiency, and more assurance that you will be comfortable in your home all year long. As an added bonus ask about becoming a member of our maintenance programs! Members that join upon installation benefit from extended warranties on parts and repair, as well as other advantages.

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