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LEED-Certified Commercial Air Conditioning Options

The term LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a rating system that awards LEED certification to energy efficient designs. This rating systems is made up of 100 points and how many points a product or building has depends on what level of certification is awarded. Here is a look at the LEED points system:

  • Platinum – 80 points
  • Gold – 60 points
  • Silver – 50 points
  • Certified – 40 points

Bonus points can be awarded for things such as innovation and design, and regional priority.

How to Gain LEED Points through Heating and Cooling System Installation

If you are in the process of changing out your commercial air conditioning or you are looking to build a LEED certified building, you may want to look into LEED certified commercial air conditioning options.

Here are some key features you may want to look for.

  • Advanced Dehumidification Options – These options can help save around 30 percent in comparison to reheat systems. Low pressure filters help to conserve energy use.
  • Enhanced Refrigerant Management – By looking for products that offer a certain type of refrigerant you can reduce environment impact by reducing leakage rates and the use of refrigerants used in products.
  • Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring – By using CO2 sensors, equipment can easily monitor the concentration of carbon-dioxide in single zone spaces. This can then be connected to ventilation systems that will automatically adjust the intake of the airflow
  • Providing Increased Ventilation – By increasing the ventilation rate by at least 30 percent more than the minimum requirements, you can be eligible for LEED points. Talk to a cooling and heating expert to see how you can best increase ventilation through air conditioning systems.
  • Low Emitting Materials – By purchasing and installing cooling and heating equipment that has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), adhesives, sealant, paints and coatings you can gain two points on your LEED eligibility.
  • Controllability of Systems for Thermal Comfort – When installing heating and cooling systems, into individual offices, or multi-occupant spaces, adding individual thermostat controls can help you gain LEED points. At least 50 percent of the individually occupied spaces must have this control to be able to qualify for the points.

Interested in LEED-Certified Commercial HVAC Systems?

If you’re looking for LEED-certified commercial HVAC systems in Allentown, PA, Jack Lehr can help. By combining heating and cooling systems that offer LEED certification benefits, with additional “green” building benefits, your office building can become LEED certified. In addition, you will provide a healthier environment for your staff to work in and save on energy costs.

Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric can help you by installing products that help you meet LEED requirements. In addition, you will have fully certified staff working on your systems. We have been working on both residential and commercial buildings for over 50 years in the Allentown, PA area.

Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your LEED certification by installing heating and cooling systems that meet the correct criteria.

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