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Jack Lehr Warmth for Warriors Program


Enroll in the Jack Lehr Warmth for Warriors Program Today!

The Jack Lehr Warmth for Warriors program is a unique, specially-tailored heating maintenance and repair program which gives deployed homeowners (living in the Lehigh and Northampton County ONLY) a FREE Platinum Plan Maintenance AgreementThis maintenance agreement includes hot air and hot water heat; however, it excludes steam heat.

Once a service member is enrolled, our team will provide a heating preventative maintenance visit. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and to help you avoid a heating crisis. It is Jack Lehr’s way of saying thanks for serving our nation while also recognizing the strain frequently placed a serving family’s finances. In this way, it can serve on the home front in a meaningful way.

The Basic Ground Rules for Eligibility:

  • Must be serving in one of the Armed Forces of the United States: Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard. You can be Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard.
  • Must reside in a home located in either Lehigh or Northampton County. You cannot be a renter of an apartment or home.  This is a direct agreement with you as a homeowner.
  • Must be deploying under Title 10.  Does not include Active Duty for Training.  Overseas service is not required if you are in the Guard or Reserves. This program also applies to those who have already deployed.
  • Must have a copy of your mobilization (deployment) orders.

Warmth for Warriors Platinum Heating Plan:

If you want the peace of mind that your heating system is in good hands and that your family is safe and comfortable, Jack Lehr can provide:

  • 19-step annual precision heating tune-up
  • Free heating repairs
  • Free heating parts-and-labor coverage

Enrolling now will ensure your heating system is ready for the heating season!

If interested, the service member of their spouse – or their unit – shall fill out the contact form below or contact the individual below during business hours, providing a copy of the mobilization (deployment) orders and their unit’s contact information:

Ms. Tara Rose, Family Assistance Center Specialist

Work Phone Number: 610-871-2246
Address: Curtis Armory, 1501 W. Allen St., Allentown, PA 18102

  • The FAC will verify the information, and if satisfactory, notify Jack Lehr, Inc. of a potential client.  Jack Lehr will then provide their point of contact for the applicant directly to the FAC, who will relay it onto the applicant.  Application is no guarantee that a request will be satisfied.
  • Applicants may contact Jack Lehr, Inc. about the program, but they will be referred to the Allentown Family Assistance Center (FAC) for application, as arranged by the Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council.

Don’t qualify? If you know a deployed Lehigh or Northampton County homeowner, please share this information with them.

Thank you for your continued support in the Jack Lehr team. We truly value our customers and you have made this program possible.

Terms & Conditions

Jack Lehr will provide a 24/7 priority service, heating contract maintenance and repair service for gas, oil and electric hot air and hydronic systems, inclusive of heat pumps, if approved for the program. It does not include steam heat systems, humidifiers or air conditioners. The emphasis is on preventive maintenance. It shall consist of the following component parts, as they apply to the type of heating system:

No diagnostic fees

Free preventive maintenance:

  • Comprehensive carbon monoxide and combustion analysis by NCI protocol
  • Check switchover valve operation
  • Clean and adjust burners and inspect heat exchanger
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Lubricate as necessary
  • Clean pilot assembly
  • Evaluate condition of air filters; clean washable filter, replace disposable filter up to 1 inch thick or replace with customer-supplied filter
  • Test and assess operation of safety and operating controls
  • Inspect flue pipe and gas valve
  • Inspect blower motor
  • Inspect blower wheel (renumber)
  • Test and tighten all wiring and connections
  • Turn exposed dampers to heating position if marked (no balancing)
  • Flush furnace condensate drain to protect against overflow
  • Measure supply and return temperature split
  • Check fan speeds
  • Inform customer of equipment condition. Recommend necessary
  • Check defrost operation for heat pump
  • Heat mode capacity calculation for heat pump

Free parts and labor coverage for the following:


  • circulator relay
  • combination control
  • draft regulator
  • emergency switch
  • fan timer
  • high limit control
  • low limit control
  • primary control
  • thermostat (standard voltage, mechanical, digital or programmable)

Heating Parts:

  • blower belt
  • blower motor
  • blower motor pulley
  • burner orifice
  • burner tube
  • defrost control and sensors
  • electric auxiliary heat components
  • fan inducer motor
  • flame sensor
  • flue connector pipe
  • gas valve
  • gas valve orifice
  • ignition module
  • igniters
  • low voltage
  • transformer
  • pilot assembly
  • pilot burner
  • pilot tube
  • pressure switch
  • sensor ignition module
  • pilot tube
  • pressure switch
  • sensor ignition module
  • refrigerant
  • refrigerant drier(s)
  • refrigerant recovery
  • thermocouple
  • venting parts

Other Terms and Conditions

Other Service Clauses:

  • Agreement terminates 1 July of each year, but can be renewed if service member is still deployed. Failure to deploy cancels the agreement.
  • The preventive maintenance program must occur before full coverage is in place.
  • To help hold down the cost of this program unnecessary service calls need to be eliminated. Customers are expected to make sure thermostat or humidistat is properly set and to check all switches and circuit breakers. Customers are also expected to monitor condition of all filters (heating, cooling, humidifier, air cleaner, etc.). Filters will be cleaned/replaced, as needed, during scheduled routine maintenance.
  • Jack Lehr reserves the right to make all calls during regular working hours, with the exception of “no heat” calls.
  • Annual tune-ups may be scheduled at any time during the service plan year. Through a regular program of postcard reminders and follow-up phone calls, Jack Lehr will make every attempt to schedule the tune-up; however, this responsibility is shared with the customer. Customer must also make the unit accessible to be worked on during normal working hours.
  • The obligation to furnish replacement parts is subject to availability through normal supply sources.

What is not covered:

  • Replacement of the entire unit or the following systems and devices are not covered: condensing coils, flues, duct systems, evaporator coils, registers and grills, and heating system piping.
  • The following services are not covered: electrical service from circuit breaker to unit, gas and water leak repairs.
  • Furnishing of the following parts is not covered: compressors, heat exchangers, burners or filters (other than standard 1-inch disposable filters). If heat exchanger, refrigerant coil or compressor is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, labor and materials for a replacement system are included.
  • The following items are not covered, unless separate coverage is purchased: zone controls, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners and other accessories not an integral part of the heating.
  • Calls to replace dirty filters, balance heating to individual rooms, perform air bleeding of hot water radiator systems and repair radiators will be considered chargeable calls.
  • Note: Parts and labor not covered under a service plan will be billed at prevailing rates.

Liability Clauses:

  • Service plans include only repair and replacement of parts that are specifically listed in the plan and that are defective due to ordinary use or wear and tear, based on the judgment of Jack Lehr. Jack Lehr shall be released from liability for failure or delay to provide, within a reasonable period, service called for under the plan when failure or delay results from strike or other labor disturbance; fire, flood, lightning or other acts of God; supply shortage of electricity, gas or water; freezing or breaking of pipes; government regulations; extreme weather conditions; unavailability of parts; or improper operation, negligence or misuse of covered equipment. If such service is requested, it will be billed at prevailing rates.
  • Jack Lehr will endeavor to render prompt and efficient service, but it is expressly agreed that Jack Lehr shall in no event be liable for damage or loss caused by delay or any loss arising out of the performance of this plan.
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