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Why Winter Is the Best Time to Invest in a New Air Conditioner

There’s certainly no such thing as a bad time to buy a new home air conditioning system. In the Pennsylvania area we’re practically attached to the things come summer, so if you’re without any time is a good time. But did you know winter can often be the best time to seek a new air conditioner installation? Find out why—and whether or not it’s the best time for you—by following along with the cooling experts at Jack Lehr Heating Cooling & Electric!

What Makes Winter a “Good Time” to Buy an Air Conditioner?

What would you say were your top objectives when buying a new air conditioner? Or…anything, really. You want a high quality product, of course. Something you can trust to do the job well and right, and for a good long time. But you also want something that is within your budget, too. Cost-effectiveness plays a huge role in any purchase we make, and with something as potentially costly as a cooling unit, a fair price or discount goes a long way.

And honestly that’s the core of what makes a time a “good time” to buy. Air conditioning equipment isn’t like produce or some exotic export. It’s a powerful and necessary machine, so the season plays little to nothing into whether or not the system is going to be any good. They’re all going to be good, or no one would sell them. But the season does play on the standard rules of supply and demand. When no one is buying, costs will steadily go down.

So when is the best season to purchase a new air conditioning system? Off Season!

Is Winter Off Season?

It is. Sometimes. The fact of the matter is that what is considered off season can change according to local demand and how AC sales have been throughout the year. But yes, very often the winter season is considered an excellent opportunity to buy.

Why Not Buy in the Summer?

Makes sense to invest in cooling equipment when you actually need it, doesn’t it? But that’s actually the worst time to make a purchase. Because it’s such a necessary commodity, summer prices are significantly higher. Not to mention HVAC companies are busier, often making scheduling far harder than it should be otherwise. Your best times to buy are the winter season, the fall, and to a lesser extent in the spring.

The Biggest Benefits to Buying in the Winter

To sum things up, what can you expect when buying an air conditioner off season, such as this 2017 winter? These:

  • Lower purchase and installation prices.
  • Potential extra sales.
  • Simpler scheduling.
  • Guaranteed home cooling come the summer.

Air Conditioner Installation Services with Jack Lehr in Allentown, PA

Considering taking advantage of the off season this year? Contact the cooling experts at Jack Lehr! Our certified cooling experts are glad to help you find the ideal cooling system for your home needs, and we’re leaders in installation that can guarantee a precise service. Reach out to us for a free service quote today!