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Why Should I Install Security Lighting in August?

Outdoor lighting can add a lot of appeal and function to your outdoor spaces in our Allentown area. But before you even consider aesthetics, our experts would urge you to look after safety first! Security lighting is a huge part of keeping your home safe and secure, as it can help deter some criminal behavior.

At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, our top priority is always your comfort and safety. We take pride in our ability to provide you with the best home comfort services and quality in the Lehigh Valley, and ensuring your safety is part of that service!

What Makes August Important?

You might be expecting something about “dangerous activity” during later months of the year. But that’s not actually the issue. The bigger issue worth noting is that the later the year gets, the longer the nights get (not literally, of course, but functionally). Dark areas around your home might provide intruders with an opportunity to strike, so our concern is providing visibility when the sun starts being more of a stranger. Additionally, tripping, falling, busting a shin are all potential issues if your landscape is a big blanket of shadow when night comes around.

A massive number of home accidents are attributed to poor lighting. And by poor lighting, we’re not talking just shadows. Poorly or unprofessionally installed lighting (which we could call “light pollution”) actually hinders our ability to see. It can blind us, or create dark areas for intruders to comfortably hang out in.

So What Kind of Light Am I Looking For?

Generally speaking, you want security lights to be evenly distributed in key areas, particularly around driveways, the back of the house, walkways to sheds or garages, etc. Consider these particularly handy and effective outdoor lighting solutions:

  • Motion lighting. Motion lights are pretty great. Since they’re only on when you need them, they’re quite energy-efficient, and they tend to provide a high-quality and even light source. Proper installation for these is really important, however, as bad placement can just wind up blinding you any time you walk by the light.
  • Driveway and walkway lighting. This type of lighting is completely unobtrusive, and can be a lifesaver for walking up to your home in the dark. These excellent options are great for aesthetics, too!
  • Flood lighting. Outdoor flood lights are tricky. They tend to be very strong, and if they’re too close to the home, they might do more harm than good. But homes that feature large areas, like sizable backyards or large parking spaces, can benefit from the area-drenching light a flood light provides.

There are many types of outdoor security lights that can work for your needs. The important thing is to get light that helps instead of hurts you. And to get that, we highly recommend working with a pro. Be sure to maintain your lighting as well! If you’re having electrical issues, or the light begins having trouble, be sure to seek lighting fixture replacement right away. It’s not doing you any good if it’s busted!

Just as important as the light itself, how the light is installed is crucial. This is why we suggest working with professional electricians for your lighting and installation. Professionals have the knowledge and training needed to ensure your lights are even, unobtrusive, and actually helping you be safe!

Outdoor Lighting in the Lehigh Valley

Looking for a superior outdoor lighting service for your Allentown home? Contact the certified electricians at Jack Lehr! Our experts always take your safety and needs seriously, and we can guarantee our services will exceed your expectations!

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