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How Does A Generator Work?

A generator installation for your Greater Lehigh Valley home is not only a smart investment; it’s nearly a necessity with storms like ours. Through mitigating potential property loss, and overall just being so darn convenient, portable and whole home generators have become one of our most sought after services. But have you ever wondered just exactly how a generator operates?

The experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric have been handling generators for home and business owners alike for over forty years. From installation to repair, we’ve covered it all. Not only are we happy to clue you in on the inner workings of an excellent machine, we’ll take pride in it!

Interested in a professionally handled generator install for your Allentown, PA home? Contact a professional at Jack Lehr today! We can get you the perfect solution for your outage protection needs!

Let’s Jump Into It!

We could quite nearly write an entire textbook on the operation and inner workings of a generator, but we’ll parse it down into something a little easier on the eyes.

Current-day generators operate on the principle of “electromagnetic induction”. The term itself isn’t particularly important, but it does kind of give you the basic idea in and of itself. An internal composition of wire is situated in a magnetic field using a positive and negative charge on opposing sides. When in operation, the wire will perpetuate a continuous rotation that, essentially, generates electricity.

It’s worth noting that a generator doesn’t quite create electricity all its own (according to the laws of  conservation of energy, new energy can never be created). The electrical energy that powers your home with a generator is instead produced by mechanical energy by way of a fuel source (natural gas, oil, etc).

Put Simply

But what does this all mean? In bare bones, a generator works like an electric motor going backward. Electrical power is drawn from the fuel source, harnessed by the generator, and then routed into your home. And suddenly, voila! The lights are on, and the food in the fridge won’t go bad. As long as your fuel lasts, that is.

You can also think of a generator in the same way you do a water pump. The pump doesn’t make water, it simply performs a process that gathers it and routes it to where it is needed. Generators are much the same.

Contact Jack Lehr for Generator Installation

More important than how a generator works is why it works. Why do you need a generator and what kind of generator should you buy for your Allentown home? Because outages can lead to serious complications, are exceedingly inconvenient, and aren’t uncommon at all with the kind of weather we see on a regular basis. Protect your possessions, investments and assets with a generator for your home today!

Jack Lehr carries the skill, experience and superior products to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We handle both portable, and whole home generator systems. Want to learn more about our generator install services? Contact Jack Lehr today!

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