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Home Audit FAQs

At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, we aim to provide superior service, excellent products, and increased home comfort levels for homeowners in Allentown, Pennsylvania. When it comes to frequently asked questions about home audits and home energy assessments, we want to clear up any confusion so you can take advantage of this service in your home.

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What Are Home Audits?

Home audits, also known as home energy assessments, are thorough evaluations or inspections of your home to better understand where you’re losing energy unnecessarily. They can also reveal heating or cooling inefficiencies with your HVAC system, allowing you to take the necessary next steps to correct any potential or existing problems. When you decide to schedule a home audit with a professional heating and cooling company like Jack Lehr, our expert technicians can also explain the various cost-effective measures and systems that can be put into place to improve any inefficiencies.

How Can I Benefit from a Home Audit?

By revealing where and how your home is misusing energy, you can take action to improve energy efficiency, decrease energy bills, and increase home comfort levels. A home energy assessment can also pinpoint problem areas that you most likely weren’t aware of. This gives you the opportunity to schedule a service in a proactive and precautionary manner, rather than a reactive way that will most likely cost you more!

Why Do I Need a Home Audit?

If improving your environmental impact is important to you, or if you think your energy bills are far too high, a home audit can greatly benefit you. Additionally, it’s also an imperative opportunity to completely inspect and assess your home heating and cooling system. At Jack Lehr, we don’t just check items off from an inspection list. We use instruments and equipment that costs thousands of dollars to identify and quantify air leakage in your home. Leaks not only impact operating costs, but also health and comfort levels.

How Do I Schedule a Home Audit?

Scheduling a home audit or home energy assessment is as easy as calling the professionals at Jack Lehr at 888-454-7365 or making an appointment online! You can also contact us with any additional questions you may have. Our experts are happy to explain the process in detail to guide you through the exact inspection services we’ll be providing.

Home Energy Assessments & Home Audits in Allentown, PA

The professionals at Jack Lehr can evaluate your home’s energy efficiency to determine where you are unintentionally wasting energy—and money! This is a valuable service to highlight some ways to improve home comfort and efficiency for homeowners in the Greater Lehigh Valley. With a goal of complete customer satisfaction, our expert technicians can answer any questions you may have and provide customized solutions for your home. Do you have a FAQ we didn’t answer here? Let us know!

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