4 Ways to Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit

In many ways you’re likely very happy to have a strong air conditioning system for your Allentown home. It provides all of the comfort you could ever need, after all. But aesthetically speaking, it roughly equates to a big mess of metal strapped to the side of your home. Is your outdoor unit cramping your landscaping style? We might have the remedy!

At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, we’re all about finding solutions. Maybe you need quality repair service, or a new ac installation for your Greater Lehigh Valley home. If so, we are more than happy to provide! But maybe you just need some quick and easy home decor and organization tips; and you know what, we’ve got those, too.

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Our Four Favorite Ways to Hide an Outdoor AC Unit

First off, before we get to the fun stuff. Never cover your exterior system in a way that impedes its ability to operate. The system needs a little room for proper air flow, which is critical to how it operates.

Covering the fins, fans, or exhaust can be a quick way to bust up your system something awful. So give your unit some distance (around three feet of clearance on all sides is best). Also keep in mind accessibility. If you can’t get to your unit, neither can your repair specialist!

  1. Plant life. One of the easiest solutions, simply incorporate your system into your landscape design! Tall plants and foliage can offer an excellent, eye catching screen that will hide your clunky monster of an outdoor unit with ease. We would, however, counsel you to avoid things that have lots of tiny leaves. During the fall, these leaves can choke up your cooling system in a hurry.
  2. Build an enclosure. Fancy fences and “boxed” structures can offer another easy solution. You’ll still look like you’ve got a giant box on the side of your house. But it will look like it was on purpose, and an attractive fence design is much easier on the eyes than hunks of metal and wires.
  3. Trellises. Combine the last two ideas and you’ve got a swanky new one all its own. A wood or iron trellis can be a very handsome addition to any home, and is a pretty unique solution as well. Flowing vines are a local favorite these days, so you’ll be keeping up with the trends, too!
  4. Create home utility spaces. Ever considered having an outdoor enclosed courtyard or patio? This might be the right time! With an enclosed space, you have the chance to build it in a manner that leaves your outdoor unit on the exterior and away from prying eyes. This benefits you twofold, giving you a cool new place to entertain, and hiding an obnoxious eyesore.

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