Gas or Oil Furnace?

You may have heard some debate over oil and gas furnaces. Which is better? Which provides the best benefits? Well, in order to get the answer you need, the question has to change a bit. It’s less about “which is better”, and more about “which is better for me”. Both systems provide great heating solutions, and neither is really better than the other. But, one likely provides a better solution for you specifically.


At Jack Lehr, we pride ourselves on providing only the very best products to suit your heating needs. In addition to bringing you unparalleled service, and a top-notch crew ready to handle any project, we also like to provide insight into the “how and why” of heating and cooling. Why? Because an informed consumer makes better decisions, and we take great pride in bringing you the answers you need to choose the system that best suits your furnace installation needs.

The Benefits of an Oil Furnace

Oil furnaces have been around for ages, providing the toasty warmth and comfort control homeowners need for our chilly Greater Lehigh Valley winters. And they still serve well to this day. Oil heat brings you:

  • Power. Oil heat provides more warmth per unit of fuel than a natural gas furnace, pushing more BTUs than any other heating unit available.
  • Hardiness. Oil furnaces require some maintenance to keep in tip top shape, but breakdowns are exceedingly rare, provided the unit is cared for appropriately.
  • Initial cost. An oil furnace installation is overall cheaper than a natural gas furnace installation.

The Benefits Of Natural Gas Heat

Natural gas has been making big waves in recent years, primarily due to a high efficiency rating. In these times where energy-efficiency is becoming king, natural gas provides the heating solution “green” homes desire, while still providing a tough and powerful unit. A gas furnace installation will net you:

  • Considerably greater efficiency. While natural gas lacks the “kick” of oil, it burns much more efficiently, saving you cash and upkeep.
  • Clean heat. Gas burns cleaner than oil, improving air quality and reducing risk.
  • Steady pricing. The cost of oil tends to swing radically, sometimes creating an issue for the unwary homeowner. Gas doesn’t share this issue, the prices are generally within a few percent of each other from year to year.

How Do I Choose?

As you can see, it’s a bit of a loaded question. Sometimes it comes down to availability (gas isn’t available everywhere), and sometimes it comes down to your needs. Do you need the strength of an oil furnace, or do you prefer a steady and efficient unit that provides dependable service?

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but don’t feel alone in making the decision! The certified professionals at Jack Lehr are here for you. Our team can provide answers to any question you may have, and can assist you in choosing the unit that is the right fit for your furnace installation.

Furnace Installation in the Greater Lehigh Valley

We bring over forty years of experience and excellent service, and can provide any solution to meet your specific needs. For service you can trust, contact the Allentown furnace installation experts at Jack Lehr today!

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