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5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Leaking Water

It is true that many modern, high-efficiency furnaces can produce condensation as a result of how they work. However, whether your furnace is lower or higher-efficiency, if your furnace is leaking water at the base then something isn’t working as it should. Diagnosing and addressing the exact issue is important. The last thing you want is for your furnace to seriously malfunction or even stop working altogether during the middle of the winter months. Thankfully, Jack Lehr has you covered!

Is your furnace leaking water? Are you unsure of the cause, or worried about the best course of action? Our professionals at Jack Lehr are here to provide expert furnace maintenance and repair! Be sure to contact us, either online or over the phone at 610-596-9967!

High-Efficiency Furnace Leaks

In order to accurately diagnose the issue we first have to differentiate between high-efficiency modern furnaces, and more standardized systems. The difference here is in whether or not your system makes use of a secondary heat exchanger—a feature that leads to higher fuel efficiency, but also generates condensation.

Typically that condensation is handled similarly to how it is in an air conditioner. There’s a drain line, drain pan, and ultimately, a way for the water to exit your home correctly and safely. If you are the owner of a high efficiency furnace the problems are most likely:

  • A clogged drain line. This is easily the most common furnace leak we encounter, and if it’s the source of your trouble then it’s not really that bad of an issue to have. Clogs typically come from too much gunk or grit getting into the line, and a simple cleaning is often enough to solve the issue entirely.
  • Damaged or overflowing drain pan. The drain pan could be cracked or worn out, or it could be overflowing due to that clog we were talking about. A bit more frustrating, since it often results in needing to replace a part or two, but still okay.
  • Cracked heat exchanger. This is the unfortunate worst-case. Cracked exchangers can be replaced, but it’s not the cheapest job out there. It’ll depend on the type of system in question, but you might be open to discussing total furnace replacement, since repair might be pricey enough to warrant the benefits of a replacement.

Standard Furnace Leaking

A traditional furnace, which lacks the condensation-generating second exchanger, shouldn’t really ever leak. This means if you own a standard and it is leaking it can be a bit confusing, as well as stressful. But don’t worry too much! Only a few things can cause the problem, making it easy for an expert to nail down and repair. Problems can include:

  • Incorrect exhaust pipe size. As air escapes an exhaust system, it tends to rapidly cool, which can result in the formation of condensation. In a properly working and correctly sized system this should never be an issue, but if the exhaust was sized too small or has a clog it can result in condensation that trickles back into the furnace system and then onto your floor.
  • A malfunctioning humidifier. Many whole-home humidifiers are installed directly into your duct system. This means if it malfunctions or overflows water can start flowing into your ducts, and potentially into the furnace system.

Reach Out To Jack Lehr For Quality Furnace Service And Repair 

Don’t let a furnace leak ruin your day! Our experts are expertly trained and highly experienced in handling all manner of furnace repair. No matter the cause we’ll find the right solution to save you time, stress, and money. Contact us online now to get the superior service you deserve!

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