What to Do Before Turning Off Your Furnace This Winter

Finally shedding the winter chill is a blessing all of us can really appreciate. This was a long and harsh winter, so seeing the ice start to melt away and the temperature starting to rise means pleasant days and lower energy or fuel bills are in the near future! But before you shut down your furnace for the year it’s wise to make sure you’ve taken all of the necessary steps.

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Follow These Steps Before Turning Off Your Furnace

Just switch the thermostat to “off” and you’re done, right? Well, you could be. But your furnace has been working hard for months on-end, and while it probably handled itself just fine, all of that effort on its part will most certainly have taken a toll.

Simple wear and tear and grime accumulation should never be ignored, and should be taken care of before you kick the unit off. This is because leaving those things for later opens you up to a bunch of risks, mainly in problems festering, getting worse, or being completely forgotten.

In a nutshell: if you want your furnace to operate reliably next winter, be sure to tackle end of season maintenance.

Spring Checklist for Your Furnace

Your tasks are simple, and they require little if no investment, so don’t fret! You’ll have the system squared away in no time if you:

  • Change the air filter. A quick and easy job, changing the air filter ensures that the furnace can breathe easily and operate efficiently next winter. Or in the case of a forced-air joint system, you’ll want a clean filter in place for your air conditioning system in a few months
  • Clean the furnace’s exterior. Though this really should be done all throughout the winter (to prevent a fire hazard), be sure to have one more go with your dusting equipment. This will prevent caked dust and pollutants from getting into the system over the next three quarters of 2018
  • Keep items away from the furnace unit. Do not make this common mistake! Many homeowners begin to store items near furnace systems during the summer to either move them away from the cooling system, or to save space. In many assemblies the furnace may still be active in a few ways, so this will only present you with a possible fire
  • Do a visual inspection. Check for any loose connections, scratching or denting, or any signs of excessive dust and pollen buildup. These should all be addressed if noticed, however do not attempt to interact with the electrical components in your heating system. Leave it to a professional
  • Schedule professional HVAC maintenance. Professional furnace maintenance should be scheduled twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. This serves a dual purpose, ensuring your furnace gets the upkeep it needs in order to come back at full strength next time you need it, and in order to get your air conditioner sorted for the upcoming summer season

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