Common Air Duct Problems in Your PA Home

Here at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric we do a lot of talking about HVAC systems. The best and latest products, tips on maintaining your heating and cooling systems, and even a little spot of conversation about common household nuisances! Today, we wanted to step (just a bit) off of the beaten track. Knowing how to keep your system running smoothly is great and all, but have you given much thought to your ductwork?

Air duct problems can often go unnoticed for years, most often because no one really thinks about them. This is a huge mistake! A suboptimal air duct system can drastically reduce the efficiency of your home, increasing the cost of operation, and reducing your overall comfort. In addition, poor ductwork can even lead to health risks, as allergens and other airborne frustrations can become a real threat in a hurry. So what are the most common air duct problems, and how should you address them? We’re glad you asked…

Common Air Duct Problems: Assessment and Solutions

There are many problems that can arise with your ducts. Some common, some a little rarer. Either way, they can have a huge impact on your heating and cooling efficiency:

  • Improper installation. Though it certainly shouldn’t be the case, improperly or poorly installed ductwork is the leading cause of reduced efficiency. Ductwork must be planned carefully when installed, with a mind of the logistics of your home to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the process often gets rushed. Every home or business owner should speak with a trusted technician for a full assessment to be sure everything was handled properly in your installation.
  • General disrepair. This one comes into play because of that negligence issue we touched on earlier. Because no one pays much mind to their ductwork, connections become loose, seams begin to harbor gaps, and small damage that adds up over time gets ignored. Check your ducts! Any tears, cracks or loose parts should be repaired immediately.
  • Unsealed ductwork. An unsealed duct system can lose nearly half of its efficiency when in operation. don’t let all of your bought and paid for comfort leak out everywhere, get your ducts sealed!
  • Dirty ducts. Whether or not clean ducts have an appreciable impact on your duct system has been up to debate for years (though the general consensus leans toward a yes). What it definitely has an impact on is your overall health. Dirty ducts are a home for dust, mites, pet dander and other allergens that can cause serious health issues. Most professional HVAC professionals offer duct cleaning, and it’s something you should definitely take advantage of every few years (more often if you live in a home with a bunch of pets, or in a dusty locale).

Duct Solutions with Jack Lehr in The Greater Lehigh Valley

Has anyone checked your ductwork lately? If not, you could be paying through the nose for heating and cooling you aren’t even getting to enjoy! Call on the professionals at Jack Lehr, where your needs are our absolute priority. Whether you need simple services, or even an energy assessment, we can accommodate your every need!

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