When Is the Best Time to Install a Geothermal Heat Pump?

Anyone who keeps up with our blog knows that we talk about geothermal heat pumps a lot. After all, we’re quite proud of our geothermal heat pump installation services, and we strongly feel that geothermal heat pumps (or GHPs, because it’s less of a mouthful) are an absolutely perfect fit for our climate here in Pennsylvania.

But if you’ve already decided to have a GHP installed, you don’t need our team to sell you on it. What you might need, on the other hand, is an answer to one of our most common questions regarding them. Is there a best time to have one installed?

Finding the Perfect Time for Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

To those of you that are unfamiliar, the question might seem odd. But the issue lies in the fact that a geothermal system supplies both heating and cooling, meaning you pretty much need it year-round. So finding the “penultimate perfect time” can be a bit of a curious question. There are other factors in play as well, such as how long the process may take, and what kind of issues you may face during the process. So, let’s start at the top.

Choosing By Season

This can be decided pretty simply with a bit of thought, actually. In the Greater Lehigh Valley, we experience hot and humid summers, and fairly chilly winters. So you know you need a good climate control system in place by those times. This leaves us with fall and spring as the “best” choices for our installation. However, these seasons are notoriously short around here, which means the window is fairly small.

The easiest way to get around this is to begin the process at the tail end of one of the harsher seasons, with the actual installation taking place in the spring or fall (we would skew toward fall, as spring can heat up real quick’ whereas some blankets and a heater can get you through late fall in a pinch).

Why would you do this, you might wonder? Well, the installation of a geothermal system should be taken a bit slowly in the first place. There’s information to be gathered, plans to be made, etc. So getting the ball rolling at the tail of summer, for instance, nets you plenty of time to get the final bits of your installation done in the early to mid fall.

Prepping for Use

This “pre-emptive” planning gains you another perk as well. This gives you as much time as possible to handle any inconsistencies or issues you may encounter. Need time to troubleshoot using your new system? You’ve got it!

Geothermal Heat Pump Installations in Pennsylvania

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