How to Avoid Emergency AC Repairs

An unexpected interruption of your comfort is never welcome. And with the kind of heat we’ve been having, the threat of an AC breakdown can be quite daunting. Better to just outright avoid air conditioner complications, of course. But how exactly do you accomplish this? You might think it’s easier said than done, but the experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric disagree!

The certified HVAC technicians at Jack Lehr have been providing top-quality air conditioning service for over forty years. The secret to our success lies in always making our patrons a top priority, and providing dependable, honest business. Ready to learn a little about how to avoid emergency AC repairs for your Lehigh Valley home or business?

Best Practices for Air Conditioner Maintenance

The true key to a healthy system is maintenance, simple as that. You’ll have a much lower risk of needing expensive repairs if you get regular maintenance and simply take care of your unit. Why? Because routine maintenance gives your system what it needs.

Time, the collection of dust, and simple daily effort wears your system down. The maintenance tasks you put into practice help preserve your system and reduce its workload, and professional care ensures components and connections stay as healthy as the day you had your system installed.

Wondering what you can do on your own? To maximize your system’s efficiency and reduce the risk of breakdowns, be sure to:

  • Frequently change your air filter. During peak seasons, your filter should be changed at least every two months, and monthly for the best results. This is more crucial than anything else we’ll suggest. Your air conditioner needs a clean filter to operate optimally, and in our area, we get a lot of dust and debris that can choke our HVAC systems.
  • Use higher quality filters. Standard fiberglass filters will do just fine. But for better air quality and greater efficiency, pleated or polyester filters are in a whole different league. They’re a bit pricier, but they also last much longer, and quickly pay for themselves in energy savings and overall comfort.
  • Clear your exterior unit when applicable. In both summer and fall our exterior AC units are at risk of encountering a lot of debris. Fallen leaves, grass cuttings, dust and dirt—tons of stuff can get jammed in your fins and fan. These can drastically harm air flow, which can lead to a lot of issues that cause a need for AC repair, including freeze ups, reduced air flow, warm or hot air, etc.
  • Respond to issues quickly.  When something goes wrong with your system, it is absolutely imperative that you seek AC repair. The majority of problems your system can encounter tend to get worse very rapidly, and many of them can lead to a total air conditioner breakdown. When something goes wrong, get service now!
  • Seek professional maintenance. Everything we’ve discussed thus far is critically important, but absolutely no effort on your part can replace professional service. Certified specialists carry all of the experience, tools, and knowledge needed to optimize and maintain your system. And for even better results and more consistent care, we highly recommend seeking a maintenance plan.

Emergency AC Repair in the Greater Lehigh Valley

If you’re having trouble with your home or commercial business’s air conditioning system, the experts at Jack Lehr can help. Our emergency repair services are fast, effective, and guaranteed to restore the comfort and cooling quality you deserve. Make an appointment with our NATE-certified HVAC technicians today!

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