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Are Zoning Systems Worth It?

If you have large spaces within your business that you need to heat and cool, finding the right solution can be hard. This can also be true when you choose to only heat or cool certain spaces during specific times of the day. There are solutions to meeting the unique needs of your commercial building.

You may have considered a zoning system in the past, but maybe you weren’t quite sure if having the work done to install the system was worth it. Let’s look at three benefits that installing a zoning system can give you. It is quite possible you may realize the answer to your question is yes, zoning systems are worth considering when it comes to heating and cooling commercial buildings.

The Three Main Benefits of Zoning Systems

Customized Heating and Cooling

When you have zones in place within a commercial building, it gives you the ability to adjust the temperature within each zone. This means that each individual zone has a thermostat that only affects that zone, giving occupants in that zone the ability to adjust temperatures up and down as needed. This will increase the comfort level of your commercial building and may help save you money on your utility bills.

Reduce Your Energy Usage

This comes back to being able to adjust and control separate areas. Say you have a space in your building that is not regularly occupied, with split zones you have the ability to either adjust the temperatures in those spaces, or turn heating and cooling off all together. You can do this without changing the comfort levels of the other spaces (that may be regularly occupied) in your commercial building. By changing the temperature on the thermostat in particular areas you may see up to a 30 percent savings on your energy costs.

Extend the Life of Your Heating and Cooling System

When you have a zoned system installed your central A/C or heat pump is not running at full capacity all day long. This helps reduce the amount of wear on your system, helping your heating and cooling system’s life span increase, saving you money in the long run.

Zoning System Installation

Our company has been in the heating and cooling business for over 50 years. In this time we have installed many zoned systems in both commercial buildings and homes. Our certified technicians offer the highest in training and all our work comes with a Your satisfaction, is our priority If you are looking to install a zoning system in your commercial building in the Greater Lehigh Valley/Allentown, PA, area, or you have questions regarding your heating and cooling needs, contact us today.

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