Apps for Staying Comfortable in Your home

HVAC technology has been marching steadily faster for decades. Each year it seems like major breakthroughs and massive advancements keep rolling out. This is, of course, a great thing! This means greater control, and better energy-efficiency for your Greater Lehigh Valley home! At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, we take pride in keeping fresh on all of the coolest new AC tech. Bringing you the best is our top priority!

One of our absolute favorite gadgets has to be programmable and wifi-accessible thermostats. Greater control of your system is the key to better comfort, at lower costs. Our thermostat installation services bring you the best and brightest in the industry, and we can guarantee your satisfaction with every project.

Five of our Favorite Comfort-Related Apps

  • Temperature monitoring apps. A wifi thermostat installation brings you the option of directly monitoring the temperature in your home, or even in specific rooms. Not only this, but they allow for separate programming, or scheduling to set the perfect temperature to meet your needs dynamically as the day develops.
  • Weather apps. Applications for PC or phone like AccuWeather provide a blow-by-blow breakdown of all current weather information. Are storms coming? Is the pollen count high today? Will I need to turn the air conditioner up or down? This information is easily-accessed with a comprehensive weather app, and can make your life so much simpler.
  • App-controlled window treatments. Were you aware that having your blinds, treatments, or windows open during the day could be making your air conditioner work way harder than it needs to? Keeping these closed keeps your home cool and comfortable (if a bit dark). App controlled treatments like Platinum App give you complete control of your blinds, all from your phone!
  • App-controlled lighting. Keeping the lights in your home on can make it warmer by a few degrees (depending on your bulbs; try LED for less heat!). Additionally, forgetting to flick of lights as you leave can be a massive drain on energy, and cost you a bundle monthly. With all of your lighting wired to a wifi app, you can shut off every light with one, single button. No more forgotten lights when you’re off to work!
  • Smart ovens and cooking apps. This one is less about energy efficiency, and a little more about convenience and safety. Newer ovens offered by companies like General Electric have app-controlled systems that allow you to remotely adjust cooking temperatures, or shut off your appliances entirely. This is great for those of us that might be prone to burning food, or maybe completely forget to shut off the oven when done.

Smart Thermostat Installation in The greater Lehigh Valley

At Jack Lehr, your comfort and quality of life are hugely important to us! We proudly provide superior quality and service to all of our consumers, and our projects are fully guaranteed! Ready to pursue greater comfort control for your Allentown, PA home? Contact the certified specialists at Jack Lehr today for your wifi thermostat installation!

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