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Five Tips to Reducing Pollen in Your Home

The National Institutes of Health estimate that thirty-five million or more Americans suffer from higher than normal sensitivity to pollen. While avoiding it entirely is fairly impractical, it’s certainly feasible (and highly recommended) to reduce and mitigate your exposure as much as possible. Limiting your outdoor exposure is difficult, but indoors…well that’s much more within your control.

At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, your health and comfort are our top priorities. And with the spring season in full swing, there’s plenty of pollen to be avoided here in Allentown! So what are the best methods of reducing pollen in your home? Well, we’ve got a few smooth moves.

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Mitigating Pollen

The air in your home is fairly similar to outside air, with one major caveat. The air in your home is up to a hundred times more concentrated when it comes to particulates and allergens! Keeping this in mind, doing what you can to avoid allergens and pollen is crucial to your comfort and health in the warmer seasons. Try these five possible solutions:

  • Keep it clean. Regular house cleaning is one of the most effective ways to reduce allergy symptoms. It removes harmful particles caused by dust, mites, dander, smoke and other common irritants. Pay particular attention to fabrics (carpets, rugs, drapes), as they can hold massive amounts of agitating allergens
  • Regulate home entry habits. When you come in from the outside, change clothes immediately. The fabric of your clothing picks up loads of pollen while you’re outdoors, and this measure helps avoid tracking it all in and dusting your home with it
  • Close the windows and screen doors. Particularly in the evening and early morning. Most plants produce the highest concentration of pollen between four in the morning and noon, meaning an open window is an invitation for allergy catastrophes
  • Replace your filter frequently. The air filter in your HVAC system can get bogged down even within a month here in Allentown. Keep an eye on it, and replace it every month to two months as needed. Your air conditioning system will get an efficiency boost from this as well
  • Air cleaner installation. Home air quality technology has made massive strides in the past ten years. The right air cleaner installation can keep the pollen and allergen count in your home down by orders of magnitude. These are particularly handy (bordering on necessary if you’re pollen-sensitive) in areas like ours, where spring and summer pollen counts can be catastrophic

Professional Air Cleaner Installation

If you’re looking to bolster the defenses of your home this spring season, contact the experts at Jack Lehr ! Our air quality products are top of the line, and our air cleaner installation services can have you breathing easier in no time!

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