5 Electrical Jobs to Never DIY

The Do it Yourself movement has gained tons of ground in the past ten or so years, and it’s not surprising why. There’s an empowering sense of accomplishment when you take care of your own home, and it can save you some money in the long run, to boot. But having said that, it can cost you a lot as well.

There’s a world of difference between doable homeowner jobs and ones that should be left up to a pro, and trying your DIY hand on the more complex or dangerous jobs can end up costing you money, time, and even possibly your health.

Five Electrical Jobs You Should Never DIY

Electrical in general should never really be a DIY job. Why? Because electricity can be dangerous! If you lack the knowledge, skill, or tools to handle them, you can cost yourself a lot of money, and could even wind up with an electrical fire or injury. We’re not saying you can’t swap your own light bulbs, of course, but most jobs should be handled by a certified home electrician. Here are five:

  • Wire replacement or home wiring. Wiring can get crazy. Just look up some electrician manuals! There is a ton of information to study and digest, and it takes a professional years of training before they can do it properly and safely. Definitely a job for certified electricians well-versed in residential wiring service!
  • Dedicated circuit installation. Dedicated circuits allow us to operate high wattage appliances safely. You need them for refrigerators, microwaves, modern televisions, blow dryers; you get the idea. But much like the above point, this job takes wiring and outlet installation knowledge to complete correctly. One false move means a lot of wasted money, and potentially electrical shock.
  • Electrical code corrections. Staying within our local electrical code is law. And many older homes need a lot of code correction to stay updated. With all of the minute tasks, you might be tempted to take on a couple. But we cannot stress enough, you need a residential electrician. Not only do we know the current code (it updates frequently) in and out, we also have the training and tools to provide your code corrections quickly and effectively.
  • Fixture installation. Installing, say, a ceiling fan or light fixture doesn’t seem that crazy on the surface; and especially if the wiring is already there. But any mistake—any at all—can blow out the appliance or light in a flash. This at the very least can cost you the fixture, and at worst might spark up a mean house fire.
  • Electrical panel work. You could kind of call your electrical panel (or breaker box, same thing) the brain of your home’s electrical. It maintains and controls the amount of current in your home, and where it goes. And you should familiarize yourself with it; knowing where in your home each breaker powers, as it makes it easy to shut off power in an emergency. But fiddling with breakers can bungle up the electricity in your entire home! A mistake can cause power surges, home wiring damage, and pretty much all of the other dangers we’ve discussed here.

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