3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

We’re steadily trading out the cool, crisp chill of winter for balmy breezes here in Allentown. It won’t be long now before your home needs to be spring-ready! Laying some groundwork and getting pre-season prep done now will save you  a lot of stress, and ensure your home is equipped for comfort as the season settles in. Today the experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric are here to help!

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Three Tips for Spring Readiness

Our spring seasons tend to be nice and relaxed, but they lead pretty quickly into a heavy and often brutal summer season. Getting these tasks out of the way now ensures you’re ready to take on anything that comes your way:

Clean & Maintain Your Home’s HVAC

The temperatures have been a bit wishy-washy as of late, but don’t be fooled—summer-style heat is on its way! You’ll soon be needing all of the reliable HVAC service you can get, and to ensure your system is ready to perform you should:

  • Replace your HVAC air filter
  • Clean the outdoor unit of all debris
  • Consider upgrading from fiberglass filters to pleated filters
  • Dust off the indoor unit to reduce fire hazards and improve air quality

Schedule an AC Tune-Up

Getting some things done on your own is a great way to give your system a boost, but absolutely nothing replaces professional service. A top-class AC maintenance service ensures your system provides you with reliable cooling, preserves function, and optimizes your air conditioner for cost-effective energy efficiency levels. It even reduces the risk of breakdowns, too, which is a huge boon when the summer sun starts heading our way.

Consider a Home Energy Audit

A total home energy assessment can provide you with more benefits than pretty much any other service you can get. Audits are useful for:

  • Improving home air quality
  • Increasing energy-efficiency through air duct sealing
  • Improving home safety
  • Addressing moisture in the home
  • Addressing the possibility for HVAC upgrades

When it comes to getting spring-ready, no service can bring you more! A complete energy audit lets our team help you find the best ways to improve your home, and we’re more than happy to help!

Professional Energy Audit and HVAC Services in Pennsylvania

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