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Ionic Air Purifier vs. UV Air Purifier

When you’re talking about air purifiers—indoor air quality (IAQ) systems that specifically handle pathogens, mold spore, and odors—there are two types that are going to be up for your consideration. These are UV air purifiers and ionic air purifiers.

Today the experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric want to talk to you about which system pulls ahead, and will provide better results overall.

The Differences: How These Systems Work

There’s a science lesson to be had with either of these systems, but for the sake of time, we’ll just cover the basics.

An ionic air purifier cycles air through the system and adds an electromagnetic charge to the particles that flow in. These charged particles float back into the home, and are eventually cycled back to the ionizer where they will be filtered. To make it easy, you can basically think of an ionizer as a big particle magnet, aiming to suck up and hold onto harmful motes like dust and mold.

UV air purifiers, which we’ve discussed quite a bit lately, work a bit differently. These systems are installed in ducts, usually near the HVAC unit and “treat” air as it moves through. The UV light (specifically using the wavelength UV-C) mimics the antimicrobial power of sunlight. This system, instead of attempting to filter, essentially aims to eradicate mold spore and pathogens completely.

Where UV-C Pulls Ahead

When we’re talking about systems that handle mold and bacteria, two very prevalent contaminants in home air, you want to be sure you’re getting the best solution possible. And of these two we’ve discussed, we’d honestly go with the UV light. Why? Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. Eliminate versus contain. At its core, the ionic purifier works a bit like a filter, striving to grab up and contain some small particles. Whereas the UV light takes it a step further, aiming to eradicate. This means no filter changing, and no risk of things getting past the purifier.
  2. Less problems with ozone. Make no mistake—both of these systems generate ozone, a potentially harmful substance. However, UV light systems produce far less of it—and most modern UV light systems have a mitigation system in effect, helping to remove ozone from your home before it becomes troublesome.

All in all, we’d simply say UV light is newer, and the technology has gone farther in alleviating problems and achieving its goals. For the best results, and the cleanest, healthiest air for your Allentown, PA home, our experts would suggest going for both an air filtration system (HEPA, activated charcoal, etc.) and a UV light purifier. This way you’re getting it all, from mold to dust!

Cleaner, Healthier Air in Pennsylvania

Looking for the best solutions, services, and options to purify and filter the air in your Greater Lehigh Valley home? Contact Jack Lehr online today! Our IAQ experts are equipped and trained to help you find the best options to meet your specific needs.

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