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Emergency Heat Pump Repair in Allentown, PA

Heat pump systems are known for being as reliable as they are effective. But no system is flawless, and eventually you’re likely to come across a snag or two. When an issue arises with your heat pump on a hot summer day, or a frigid winter evening in Allentown, you need fast, honest service that puts your comfort first.

At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling, and Electric, our experts offer complete 24-hour heat pump repair service! We’re equipped with the tools, tech, and training that your Alton Park and Wilbur neighbors have depended on for decades. If you need service in a hurry that never cuts corners, choose Jack Lehr for your emergency heat pump service needs!

Having a heat pump emergency in the Greater Lehigh Valley area that just can’t wait? Call our 24-hour service team at 888-454-7365 right away!

Emergency Heat Pump Repair in Allentown, PA

No matter what kind of issue you happen to be dealing with, you deserve a solution that is quick, accurate, and restores your comfort. That’s why our specialists employ the use of cutting-edge diagnostic tools and proven training to meet your repair needs. We’re around every day and evening to provide for your comfort needs, so that you’ll always have a professional to turn to when your heat pump starts acting up.

When you call on Jack Lehr, we’ll have a fully equipped service team readied and on the way immediately. Your comfort and satisfaction are vital to us, and to ensure you get them, we’ll never take shortcuts or compromise the quality of our service. We’re about providing the best solution for your situation, and we won’t stop until you get it!

Signs You Need Emergency Heat Pump Repair

What would we call an emergency? Any time you’re uncomfortable! We strongly believe that every home should be a comfortable, happy one, so when things go awry we make it our priority to ensure things are set to normal right away.

Contact us for emergency heat pump repair in Allentown when:

  • Your heat pump is making loud sounds. Your heat pump typically makes some noise, but very little. If you catch the sound of a clank, bang, popping, or squeals, you’re probably dealing with loose or damaged components, which can lead to serious damage to your heat pump if left alone.
  • Your pump is stuck in a mode. Your heat pump features a critical component called the reversing valve. When this sticks or becomes jammed, you’ll find that you can’t swap between “heat” and “cool” modes. Bad news on that first day of summer or winter!
  • The heat pump is freezing or icing over. Most commonly this is related to a refrigerant leak, which means that problem isn’t getting any better (it is, in fact, getting worse) until you get service.
  • You’re getting poor air flow. All of the heating or cooling power in the world is useless if your system has constricted air flow. Feeling little to nothing at all from your vents? Give our team a call!
  • There are smells of burning or hot wires. Burnt or hot wires are a serious problem, for the pump of course, but more importantly for your entire home! If you’re catching a smell of burning, shut down the pump completely and call Jack Lehr right away.

Why Choose Jack Lehr for Allentown, Pennsylvania Emergency Heat Pump Repairs?

When you call us for 24-hour, emergency heat pump repair, you get:

  • Years of experience. We’re a local, family owned company and have been providing superior service at reasonable prices for more than 40 years.
  • Certified techniciansWhen you schedule HVAC or electrical service with Jack Lehr, we’ll never send a subcontractor to your home.
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. At Jack Lehr, we’re committed to quality and want you as a lifelong customer.
  • Respect for your home or business. We always clean our work area when we finish a job and use shoe covers and drop cloths to protect your home.
  • Financing optionsJack Lehr offers financing options to customers with approved credit who qualify through the EnergyLoan program and Wells Fargo. We also accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).
  • And more!

Never ask “Where can I find emergency heat pump repair near me?” again! At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we consider you a neighbor, and we want your home to be as safe and comfortable as possible. When you need HVAC service of any kind, make us your first call at 888-454-7365.

Registered Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor :: PA HIC#: 000013

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