Commercial Furnace Maintenance Agreements in Allentown

Sign up for one of our Preferred Client Plans for furnace repair discounts and more throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley.

Want to save money on your commercial heating repairs? Did you know a furnace tune-up can save you hundreds of dollars on heating costs by improving your system’s efficiency while also preventing costly breakdowns?

At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, we want you, your customers, and your employees to be comfortable throughout the brutal winters known to the Greater Lehigh Valley area. One of the best ways to guarantee comfort for your business is to sign up for a commercial furnace maintenance agreement with Jack Lehr. Not only will you extend the life of your equipment and help prevent mid-winter breakdowns, you’ll also receive several other perks when you’re enrolled in our Preferred Client Plan:

  • Priority service, including 24-hour emergency service
  • Free or discounted repairs
  • Discounts on parts and labor
  • Two-year warranty on repairs
  • And more

We invite you to check out our plan options below or call us today at 888-454-7365 to find out which option is best for your property or building’s unique heating needs.

As always, we look forward to serving you.

Gold Heating Plan

For commercial-sized furnace maintenance in the Greater Lehigh Valley, sign up for Jack Lehr’s Gold Heating Plan, which includes:

  • 19-Step annual precision heating tune-up
  • Priority service
  • 15% discount on parts and labor
  • 15% off diagnostic fees
  • 15% off electrical repairs and new outlets

During your 19-step furnace tune-up, we’ll perform a carbon monoxide and combustion analysis, clean and adjust your burns and heat exchange, lubricate as necessary, evaluate and change your air filters as necessary, check your fan speeds, and more.

Other Maintenance Options

We also offer the following maintenance options for our commercial customers throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley:

  • Heat pump maintenance
  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • Gas or electric water heater maintenance
  • Whole-house humidifier maintenance
  • Air cleaner maintenance
  • Air purifier maintenance

A Word from Our President

When you get a Preferred Client Plan from Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, you are not only making a smart investment for your home, but for your family’s peace of mind. That’s because when it comes to delivering on our promise of great customer service, we won’t let you down!
In this age of high utility bills, tight budgets, and busy lives, you can rest assured, knowing that we will provide you with tremendous value, convenience and protection. I guarantee it.

– Ed Lehr, President

Save Money on Your Company’s HVAC Costs This Year

What do our customers enrolled in our Preferred Client Plans typically save on furnace repairs? Here are a few examples:

hvac maintenance savings

Want to save even more money? Ask us about our Loyalty Rewards!

Contact us today to sign up for one of our Preferred Client Plans, and start saving money on your company’s furnace expenses in the Allentown, PA and Greater Lehigh Valley area this year.