BPI Certified

Jack Lehr Electric is your local BPI Accredited Contractor!

BPI technicians have completed rigorous training, administered by a network of affiliates, in home performance evaluation focusing on this house-as-a-system concept. These systems include heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and the building envelope or outer shell – the foundations, walls, roof and all their component parts like windows and doors.

Other programs give people certificates for simply attending the training course. There is no way of knowing if information was retained. But when you get a BPI Accredited company, you get certified staff. BPI Certification requires each person to pass not only a written exam for competency and base knowledge in their field, but also a field exam where he or she applies what they know.

Do you have comfort problems like drafts or rooms that are hard to heat or cool? High energy bills? Ice dams? Mold, mildew or moisture damage?

These symptoms are obvious, but sometimes the root causes are not readily apparent. Is it the furnace? Should my home be more airtight? Do I need more insulation? Should I seal the ducts? Buy a new air conditioner? Replace the windows?

Your house is a system. Everything is connected. The relationship between all the systems in the house is the key to its overall performance. Your health, safety and comfort. Your home’s energy efficiency and durability.

Reduce your risk and get the job done right by working with a BPI accredited technician.