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Breaker Panels: Signs You May Need To Repair Or Replace

Is your home in need of an electrical service, but you’re not really sure what kind? Don’t worry—the professionals at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric can help! When it comes your home’s electrical and wiring system, it’s usually best to leave all repair and replacement services to the experts. While it can be tempting to search for some DIY solutions online, electrical problems can not only be very expensive, they can also be incredibly dangerous if not handled by an experienced professional.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the difference between a breaker panel replacement and repair service. We know it can be confusing to locate, identify, and understand problems with your home’s electrical system. That’s why our expert electricians can inspect your breaker panel and explain which solution will be the best fit for your home.

Do you need to schedule a breaker panel repair or replacement service in the Allentown, PA area? Call us today at 610-596-9967 or contact us online now!

Breaker Panel Repair Signs

To begin with, it might be helpful to explain exactly what your main breaker panel is. It has a main breaker to help reduce the chances of overloading the wires from the utility company. It also has ‘branch’ breakers to protect the circuits within your home from prolonged overloads. Basically, the larger the overload is—the sooner the breaker trips. Some signs that you need a breaker panel repair include:

  • Panel feels unusually warm
  • Rust on the panel
  • A burnt smell coming from your panel
  • Repeated breaker trips
  • Lighting fluctuations

If your breaker panel is tripping on a regular basis, that could be a sign of faulty or improper wiring. Smelling a burnt odor from your panel is a surefire sign that you need to schedule a repair service immediately. This could be the first warning of a much bigger problem. In any case, a professional needs to inspect and diagnose the problems you’re experiencing.

Breaker Panel Replacement Signs

When trying to decide if it really is time to upgrade your breaker panel, there are some clear-cut signs. Similar to upgrading your outlets, there are indications that your electrical system is no longer working efficiently, and continual repair services aren’t going to do the trick anymore. Some signs that you need a breaker panel replacement include:

  • Flickering lights when appliances are in use
  • Continuously failing circuit breakers
  • Your panel is more than 30 years old

If your breaker is tripping more than a few times a year, there is most likely a problem with your breaker or an overloaded circuit. If there is a slight fluctuation in lighting, that could the normal result of a large load starting. However, if the load is on a circuit that can’t properly support it, you should call a professional to talk through the best options for correcting this.

If you’re having to schedule repair services on a frequent basis, or you’re noticing these issues happening more and more as the year go by, your breaker panel probably isn’t functioning as efficiently as it once was. That means a replacement could possibly help you to save energy and money on your power bills!

Electrical Services in Allentown, PA

At Jack Lehr, our electricians have years of experience and a variety of top-notch training to remedy your every need. It’s important to call a local, professional electrical company as soon as you notice any abnormal behavior, sounds, or smells related to the electrical wiring in your PA home, because these can be warning signs for a much bigger problem.

The earlier we can diagnose your breaker panel to decide if you need a repair or replacement, the more likely we’ll be able to provide service before any permanent or expensive damage is done. We provide an economical check of the breaker panel, receptacles, and important code issues in your home. We want to make your home as safe and functional as possible for you and your family.

If you need a breaker panel repair or replacement—don’t put it off! Schedule a service today by calling our team of electricians at 610-596-9967!

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