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The Pros and Cons of Installing an Electric Furnace in Allentown, PA

We tend to hear a lot about “x furnace is objectively much better than y furnace” when we encounter homeowners seeking a new or replacement furnace. But is the information you’re getting factual, or simply the product of a bias? The experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric are here today to tell you there is no objective “best furnace.” It all comes down to the unique needs of your home and what you personally expect and demand from your heating system.

To help you identify which furnace best suits the needs of you and your home, we would like to help you learn the ups and downs of each individual heating system, starting with an electric furnace.

Considering an electric furnace for your Greater Lehigh Valley home? Contact our experts today and put our unparalleled service and skill to the task!

What Exactly Is an Electric Furnace?

An electric furnace, obviously enough, uses electricity as its fuel source to generate the heating power you desire to stave off the chills of fall and winter. It generally does not utilize gas, oil, or any other fuel source—though there are some hybrids that do both—relying entirely on your electricity.

Electric heating includes systems such as space heaters, central heating, and portable heating.

Benefits of Electric Heating in Greater Lehigh Valley

Like any other heating system, an electric furnace comes with some particular benefits unique to the system, including:

  • Availability. Electricity is practically necessary to sustain life, and as such is readily available anywhere. This is not always the case with other heating sources like gas.
  • Reduced initial cost. Due to the widespread use and availability of electric heating, they tend to cost much less to purchase and install, making it easier to get heat when you need it.
  • Safe. The use of electricity as a fuel source precludes the possibility of harmful or noxious byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, as the furnace does not utilize any products that can result in the production of them.
  • Efficient. Strictly from a heat-loss perspective, electric heating is one of the most efficient sources on the market. An electric heater does not require flues, chimneys, or other structures designed to allow smoke and gasses to escape, since they don’t produce any of these.

Disadvantages of Electric Furnaces in Greater Lehigh Valley

Also like any other system, there are some caveats that should be taken into consideration as well. An electric furnace:

  • Can be expensive to run. This is the primary concern when dealing with electric heating. They areefficient, yes. But that doesn’t mean they’re cheap to run. When compared to gas or oil, electricity is rather pricey, and using electric heat can be a fiscal strain for some homeowners.
  • Can require consistent professional repair. This is not always a concern, but while electric furnaces are generally hardy, the problems they encounter can be confusing to a layman. This can sometimes present a homeowner with frustration, but we can honestly say the cases are rare.

Electric Furnace Installation in Allentown

If you’re still undecided on which type of furnace to buy, just remember: Electric furnaces are safer and more cost-effective upfront and require an easily accessible power source, but can be costly to run despite being energy-efficient. Gas furnaces as more expensive upfront and gas may not even be accessible in your home, but gas furnaces tend to cost less to run. So, is an electric heater what you’re looking for in your Allentown home? Very possibly! It’s all about finding the solution that suits you specifically.

Having trouble deciding? No problem! Contact your local Allentown furnace installation and repair professionals at Jack Lehr to get the advice and answers you need. We are proud to serve our community and can offer the best skill and service around!