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Portable or Whole House Humidifier Installation?

You don’t need us to tell you that temperature control is important. Maintaining comfort and keeping the extremes of our variable New Jersey weather is an absolute must! But were you aware that the humidity level in your home not only plays an important role in the quality of heating and cooling of your home, but also your health?

The experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric are here again to let you in on the ins and outs of home humidity levels, how they’re important to you, and what type of humidifier is the perfect fit for your home!

Looking for whole house humidifier installation for your Greater Lehigh Valley home? Contact us today to find out what we have to offer, and how we can bring you the installation services you need!

Humidity and Health

Humidity is literally defined as the state or quality of being humid, or a quantity representing the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. This is important to us, because as humans we require a bare minimum of thirty percent atmospheric humidity. The optimal percentage is between thirty and fifty, leaning more toward the higher number.

Without this appropriate humidity level, you can experience skin irritation, respiratory irritation, and dry nasal passages that can lead to nosebleeds. Critically low humidity (below thirty percent) can also have a large negative impact on allergies and other common respiratory issues.

Additionally, low humidity levels can restrict the effectiveness of your heating and cooling systems, and have demonstrably bad effects on wood, antiques and other home items.

Which Type of Humidifier Is Best for My Allentown Home?

There are two categories for a humidifier: Portable, and whole house. Which is the best choice for you? Well, there are some specific factors to consider (Though we won’t pull your leg, there’s a clearly preferable choice. Mostly):

  • Whole house humidifier. A whole house humidifier is exactly what it sounds like. There are a few different types, the most common of which is a misting system that injects moisture directly into the supply ducts of your heating and cooling. There are also wheel-type systems, and similar styles. Regardless of the type, a whole house humidifier is tied into your existing ducts. The prime benefit is even, entire home moisture control that is set once upon installation, and then is no longer a concern. They’re efficient, effective and nearly maintenance free!
  • Portable humidifiers. The primary benefit of a portable humidifier is essentially in convenience. They are ‘plug and go’ devices, with enough power to comfortable humidify one small to medium-sized room, depending on scale and the model of humidifier. The benefit, however, falls a little flat. Pound for pound, portable systems are more expensive, less efficient and relatively ineffective for the home. Portable systems operate best as a supplement to a whole house humidifier installation, helping to regulate large rooms, or rooms with no vent access. Think like box fans, or space heaters. You wouldn’t count on one to heat or cool the whole home, but it can help a little.

Whole House Humidifier Installation With Jack Lehr

Ready to take the first step in providing your home and its occupants with healthy, consistent air quality and moisture levels? Contact Jack Lehr today! We can provide all of the service, skill and expertise needed to ensure you get the best system for your home, and can offer a flawless installation!