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Lower Your Summer Energy Bills by Kicking these 5 Bad Home Habits

Summer’s here, and with it comes the hot, humid weather the Lehigh Valley knows so well. With energy prices rising, you may feel stuck between a rock and a hard place—do you live in a comfortably cool home, or do you save money on your home energy bills?

Don’t worry, there is a way to have both. Most homeowners are guilty of home habits that inadvertently cost them money. If you kick these five home habits this summer, you’ll be able to live comfortably and save money on your energy bills.

Sometimes the only way to save money is to invest in a more energy-efficient unit. Contact us today to learn about new AC technology and see what installing a new unit can do for you!

 Want to Save on Air Conditioning Bills? Ditch these Habits!

Below is a collection of the five habits most homeowners are guilty of. The bad news is these bad habits are costing you money every month, but the good news is they’re easily remedied!

  1. Forgetting to change your AC filter. This is a no-no. Forgetting to change the filter on your air conditioning unit not only lets pollutants build up, it reduces air flow. The more gunk that’s on your filter, the less cool air is allowed through. The less air that gets through, the hotter your home is. The hotter your home is, the harder your air conditioner will work to try to cool it down. The harder your air conditioner works, the more energy it uses. The more energy it uses, the higher your home cooling bill is. Simply changing your air filter once a month in the summer can drastically improve your air conditioner’s efficiency.
  2. Leaving the door open. This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised how many customers we get complaining of a broken air conditioner, when in reality all the cool air is just escaping through the doors and windows of the home. To cut down on air loss, make sure to always close your doors and avoid leaving them open to chat with someone outside. A smart move would be to have an energy assessment done before the weather gets too hot. Air could be escaping through your ducts and attics, but you’d never know unless you have a professional check it out. Your utility company will even reimburse you $150 or $250 for this service, depending on the type of heating and cooling system you have!
  3. Not adjusting your thermostat based on the time of day. Why are you paying to cool your home when you’re not there? Adjusting your thermostat around the time you’re actually home can save you a boatload. Your body temperature naturally decreases when you’re sleeping, so you should be setting your temperature higher at night. Adding fans to your home is also a good idea—sometimes the ambient noise of a fan can even help you sleep better!
  4. Ignoring weak airflow or a troublesome AC unit. Weak airflows, a constantly blowing fan, and odd, loud noises are all signs there’s something wrong with your AC unit. Many homeowners think getting air conditioning repairs can be a hassle, but we promise you—it’s much less of a hassle than needing to get a full replacement!
  5. Turning your AC up to cool your home faster. This doesn’t work. No matter how low you set your AC, it will take the same amount of time to reach that temperature. Your AC unit doesn’t work any harder just because you’re hot. If the goal is to cool your home to 75°, set your thermostat at 75°.

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