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At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, we know that HVAC and electrical emergencies can happen when you least expect it, including outside of standard business hours. That’s why we offer our customers round-the-clock emergency service to repair any major HVAC or electrical issue.

Air Conditioner Noises and What They Mean

Is your air conditioner making strange noises? Depending on the noise, it could indicate that you need air conditioning repair.

But before you make that call to your local AC repair company, here are some of the more common noises you may hear from your air conditioner and what those noises might mean:

  • Banging – If you are hearing noises that sound like banging, this could be due to internal arts with in your air conditioning system that have come loose.
  • Hissing Sounds – You may have a refrigerant leak if you are hearing hissing or bubbling sounds.
  • Clanking – Sounds that are clunky in nature can often mean that the mounts inside the unit may have failed; this could cause issues with the compressor. Clanking noises may also be caused by loose parts such as springs. You may be able to unplug your unit and check for any loose parts.
  • Buzzing – Loose wiring that connects to the fan motor could causes buzzing sounds. The relay switch will need to be checked to be sure that all wiring is connected properly and that there are no burnt wires or connections.
  • Squeaking – If you hear a constant squeak from your unit, it may be that the fan has become loose or imbalanced. You may be able to tighten or replace the fan yourself or you can call an expert to do this for you.
  • Clicking – Hardware that comes loose or was not tightened correctly in the first place could cause sounds that resemble clicking or ticking. Clicking sounds may also be caused by a bad relay when it switches on and off.
  • Thumping – If you hear a loud thump when your thermostat switches off, this could be due to the air filter inside your home being installed incorrectly. Check your air filter to make sure it is in the correct way.
  • Humming – If there is a constant hum when you turn on your unit this could be due to the motor seizing up.
  • Squeals – It can be normal to hear a squeal when your unit starts up. If it is a brief squeal when the system is first turned on it is likely nothing to worry about. However, if the squeal persists you may want to have your unit checked over.

Have a Noisy Air Conditioner in Allentown? Call Jack Lehr!

If your air conditioner is making weird sounds, it is best to contact the experts. Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric has been working with homeowners for the past 45 years to keep their cooling systems in top condition.

When you’re looking for an air conditioning repair company in the Allentown, PA area, we know you have a lot of companies to choose from. When you choose Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Years of experience. We’re a local, family owned company and have been providing super service at reasonable prices for more than 45 years.
  • Certified technicians. When you schedule AC repair service with Jack Lehr, we’ll never send a subtechnician to your home.
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. At Jack Lehr, we’re committed to quality and want you as a lifelong customer.
  • Top-of-the-line products. We use only the highest quality products for your repair needs that offer longer warranties—and we honor those warranties should anything go wrong!
  • Respect for your home or business. We always clean our work area when we finish a job and use shoe covers and drop cloths where necessary.
  • Financing options. Jack Lehr offers financing options with approved credit through Wells Fargo. We also accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).
  • And more!

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