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Is Your Air Conditioner Harming the Environment?

With information becoming more and more readily available, consumers are getting very smart about “green” or environmentally-friendly options. This extends to everything, from how we consume and prepare food, to the vehicles we drive. But how about your HVAC system? Could it be harming the ozone and the air we breathe here in Allentown?

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Are Air Conditioners Dangerous to the Environment?

The functional answer here is possibly. It all comes down to the use of a specific refrigerant used in common air conditioning systems: R-22 (Freon is a commonly used term, but this actually refers to a specific brand name, and not all refrigerants of this compound). For years, R-22 was the primarily used refrigerant for most air conditioning systems, whether home or vehicle. Why? Because it functioned exceptionally well, providing excellent utility to AC systems.

Little did we know (at the time), that R-22 had its drawbacks. When in heavy use, R-22 displaces oxygen as a secondary effect. This can be highly dangerous in closed spaces, causing headaches, respiratory issues and even possibly fatality. Now when we consider the grander scale, you can start seeing the problem with how it interacts with our environment. That oxygen displacement has a demonstrable impact on the ozone layer, potentially depleting and reducing its effectiveness.

So is your air conditioner unhealthy for the environment? If it is an older system, or one that uses R-22, yes.

How to Avoid Harming the Environment

In recent years, R-22 has seen a dramatic reduction in production (it’s actually currently being phased out of use in the United States and other countries); it’s favored replacement being R-410A. This carries all of the refrigerant benefits of its predecessor, but has no notable impact on the environment (and is lower on the human toxicity scale).

The best method of procuring R-410 is to consult with your HVAC professional about a replacement air conditioning system.

Is Air Conditioner Replacement Necessary?

If not right away, it will be in the very near future. Production of modern air conditioning systems in the United States and Japan are all opting for systems that support R-410 over R-22. This means that older systems are not only more harmful, but that they will soon be supported far less by HVAC professionals. Additionally, it’s worth noting that when R-22 becomes completely phased out, HVAC demand is going to be exceptionally high. Scheduling an air conditioner replacement now is going to save you a lot of headache and money in the future.

Safe, Secure Air Conditioner Replacement In Allentown, PA

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