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Pennsylvania Geothermal Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Your geothermal heat pump was built to withstand serious wear and tear. The components are strong, simple in a complicated sort of way, and are highly durable. But, even with the best made machines, you’re going to encounter some rough patches here and there. You may have come across one of our more recent posts regarding troubleshooting your heat pump (“Troubleshoot Your Heat Pump In Fifteen Minutes”). And now you may be wondering why we need a second one. Well, that one was for heat pumps. This one is for geothermal heat pumps, which are kind of an entirely different beast.

Many of the components, inner workings and other aspects of a geothermal heat pump are quite different, and thus require some different steps to figure out what’s gone wrong. Luckily, one similarity all pumps share is that they will let you know when something is wrong. You just have to speak the language!

Looking for geothermal heat pump repair in the Greater Lehigh Valley? Contact a certified expert at Jack Lehr Heating Cooling & Electric today!

Geothermal Heat Pump Troubleshooting: Another Somewhat Surefire Diagnosis

Again, we say “somewhat” because not everything will always go by the books. There are some oddball problems we’ve encountered from time to time!

Maintenance check!

Are you up to date with your annual (or hopefully bi-annual) maintenance? Yes, geothermal systems require less maintenance on average than other systems, but less doesn’t mean none! Clean vents, clear dust and detritus from visible exterior parts, and check for clogs. Still no go? Then let’s move on!

Settings and similar small things

Take a quick look at your thermostat settings. Everything in the correct position? All of the digital reads should be operating properly and be in the correct position for what you’re trying to get your pump to do. If something looks wrong and you can’t fix it, we can!

Geothermal Heat Pump Will Not Start

If your heat pump is refusing to start at all:

  • Check the electricity supply. Is your breaker flipped? This very well could be the issue. Flip it back to the “active” position and see if that solves your issue. If not, or if the breaker flips again, you’ll need the help of an electrical technician.
  • If applicable, check your outdoor reset button. If you’ve got one, it very well could have been tripped on accident or due to complications within the system.
  • Listen to your pump. Do you hear a faint “click” when the unit should be operating? If so, there’s a solid chance that it’s your start capacitor. This is unfortunate, because it requires professional geothermal heat pump repair, but also fortunate because we can have it fixed quick!

Air flow Is Weak or Nonexistent

Not getting the air or comfort you should be?

  • Check your filter. A clogged air filter is a very common culprit here.
  • Ensure that all vents are open. maybe you closed them and forgot, or maybe a friend or family member did it. It’s a simple problem, and good news if this was the case!

Geothermal Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance in Pennsylvania

Hopefully yours was a simple issue and one of the fixes above worked it all out! But if not, contact the specialists at Jack Lehr today! We can have your geothermal heat pump diagnosed and repaired in record time, and we provide the highest quality work in the Greater Lehigh Valley area!