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Common Electrical Code Violations in the Allentown, PA Area

Your average homeowner has sort of a basic idea of what an electrical code violation is. Someone, whether a “do it yourself”er, or a misguided electrician has done something wrong somewhere. And what can this mean for you? It can mean steep fines, and a bunch of red tape, but more importantly it can pose a very serious health risk. But what exactly constitutes as a health code violation, and how can you spot them?

The experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric have compiled some of the most common Electrical Code Violations (NEC Violations) we’ve encountered in the Lehigh Valley. We hope this list can help to dissuade electricians and handymen alike from “skimping” on what are actually crucial steps in electricity installation!

Common Electrical Code Violations in PA

We’ll try to keep the jargon and science lectures to a minimum here, but these are some of the most common violations we encounter:

  • Not having an electrical permit. Seems like a simple one, yeah? Well, it’s the absolute number one most common violation in our area (and pretty much the entire country!). A permit is needed to perform nearly any electrical task, and without one, you’re looking at some serious fines.
  • Switches lacking a neutral wire. The neutral wire can only be called superfluous by someone who doesn’t understand its function. Yes, your lights and appliances will run without the neutral, however, it breeds big problems and potential dangers in the future. The neutral wire essentially means more reliability from your fixture, and in the event of an electrical failure, it means protection from a potential electrical fire.
  • Overfilling electrical boxes. This one is infamous among common electrical code violations.There’s a standard minimum size per number of wires for good reason! Putting too many wires into one box drastically increases the chances of arcing and serious electrical failure that may result in a fire!
  • Outlets near water sources not ground fault protected. If an outlet is within six feet of a water source (ANY water source), it absolutely must be ground fault protected. This is to avoid the risk of hazardous electrical shock, and a surprising number of these get missed.
  • Cover plates missing. Cover plates are required on all switches, outlets and boxes. No exceptions. Without them, residents are exposed to serious risk!

Peerless Electrical Standards with Jack Lehr

We take NEC codes seriously here at Jack Lehr in the Greater lehigh Valley. Why? Because these standards are created, updated and enforced to protect. Skipping them or making ‘shortcuts’ in electrical maintenance or installation can only breed harm and expose persons to risk. Our certified master electricians go through great effort to alway bring you the very best in home and business electrical, and we make an effort to ensure complete compliance and safety. For more information on our electrical services, or how we can assist you, contact us today!