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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

The summer months are rolling up fast and hot, with an emphasis on the hot. This can mean so many great things, like swimming trips, park visits and gorgeous gardens. But, unfortunately it can also mean muggy, humid air and stifling temperatures.

Keeping on top of your air conditioning system becomes a priority during summertime. To that end we’ve drummed up a list of easy air conditioning maintenance tips, geared for keeping your system running smoothly.

AC Maintenance You Can DIY

  • Check your air filter. A clogged or dirty filter reduces air quality and the efficacy of your unit tremendously. This is your absolute priority in maintaining a healthy unit this summer, as a clean and properly sized filter can improve the efficiency of your machine by up to fifteen percent.
  • Clean your unit. Any machine requires routine cleaning to perform optimally. This goes double for machines that push large amounts of air around like your air conditioning unit. Debris and dust can reduce the efficiency of your unit, possibly causing freeze-ups, reduced airflow and air quality and potential damage. Be sure to clear around the vents that push air into your home, and both the outside and inside of your unit.
  • Clean the fins. Clean the fins on your air conditioner to free them of any debris or grime that might impede air flow. Using industrial canned air works wonders for this.
  • Check your coils. These should be checked regularly, preferably every month during the summer months, and at least yearly. Dirt or grit that collects on your coils can reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner, and you chance causing real damage by leaving the coil unattended.
  • Clear the condensate drains.Use a wire or similar stiff object to clear the drainage pipe in your unit. Clogged drainage can impede your air conditioner’s ability to remove humidity in your home.
  • Avoid blockage.Avoid closing or blocking off any of the vents in your home. This can cause your unit to lose effectiveness, and risks the machine freezing over.

These tips are fairly easy to accomplish on your own, but there are plenty of other air conditioning maintenance tasks that should be performed by a trained professional.

  • Check refrigerant.The refrigerant should be checked by your technician to ensure that there isn’t too little or too much in the air conditioner, as both issues can cause tremendous problems.
  • Check seals. A professional will check the seals along your ductwork to ensure no presence of air leakage.
  • Check thermostat. The technician should check your thermostat for accuracy to detect any inconsistencies.

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By using these air conditioning maintenance tips effectively, you ensure a long and healthy life in your AC unit. In need of professional assistance for the heavy duty maintenance? Contact the professionals at Jack Lehr for all of your air conditioning needs. Our team is ready and waiting to assist you!